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Jim O’Donnell Photography- The Brand New Website is LIVE!

After working on this for several months….. I am happy to finally announce that I’ve set up up a new website dedicated just for my photography.  Take a look! Jim O’Donnell Photography I’ve laid out this new website to highlight just the photography and nothing else. There is as little text as possible.  I wanted it […]

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Golden Hour Photography – How You Can Use Light to Capture Emotion

One of the main goals of photography should be to communicate an emotion. Well.  Thats my opinion anyway. Its about an experience.  A feeling.  That moment that hits you and makes you gasp. Be it a beautiful plate of food, a stunning landscape or the face of a child, what many photographers seek to do […]

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Pictures of My 2013 – 24 Captures from All Over

Looking back exactly one year ago at Pictures of my 2012, I see that I was in an optimistic place. (Feel free….by the way…. to skip this emotional screed and go straight down to the good stuff ) In reality, the past five years have been a struggle…or a series of struggles…as many of you […]

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How to Photograph Lightning in 10 Easy Steps

I promised way back in the middle of the summer that I would get back to offering photography advice again as soon as possible.  Well, this is as soon as possible. My intent is to post one “how to” photography article a month from here on out.  So here it goes.  How to Photograph Lightning […]

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Five Shots from the July 4th, 2013 Taos Fireworks Show

Taking picutres of fireworks is suprisingly easy. I promise a full post on the HOW TO for both fireworks and lightning in the coming weeks but for now a few quick pointers to get started. Just a few simple steps to get you moving. 1. You have to have a tripod or something stable to […]

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Pictures of Lightning Over Taos, New Mexico – My Shot(s) of the Day – June 14, 2013

  A fairly strong set of thunderstorms moved through Taos yesterday afternoon and into the evening making for a rather awesome display of lightning once the sun went down.  I shot all four of these pictures of lightning between 855pm and 915pm (June 13, 2013)  from the northern end of Millicent Rogers Road.  All pictures […]

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Cemetery Junction – Eight Groovy Graveyard Pictures

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think “cemetery” is a polka.  My favorite polka actually.  Specifically Tom Waits “Cemetery Polka“. The second thing I think of is a night I jumped a fence in eastern France with a Moroccan archaeologist, a Spanish archaeologist and a French kid who said “Ya. […]

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Pictures of My 2012 – 24 Shots from All Over

I was rather heartbroken when I left my kids at the train station on a drizzly morning in Vasa, Finland at the end of March. They were flying home to New Mexico. I was flying south to Toulouse, France. 2011 had seen me in twice in Finland (once with the kids), in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, […]

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The Söderfjärden Meteor Crater – Finland

I visited the Söderfjärden on a warm, rainy August morning. The ten kilometers of road south from Vasa were perfectly clear except for two fearless foxes moving from one stand of Red Pine to the other.  I had spent the previous several days in Finland’s Kvarken Archipelago and had heard about the 520-560 million year old meteorite impact crater to the […]

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Christmas in Taos – My Shot of the Day – December 19, 2012

  Christmas in Taos has really gone nuts over the past ten years. There is more holiday stuff happening in this little town than you can shake a stick at. It is impossible to see it all but there are quite a number of events to hit. These shots are from the John Dunn Shops […]

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Shooting HDR with Nikon D3000

When I bought my Nikon D3000 nearly three years ago, I had no idea what HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) was. And yet, I was seeing these images out there on the web (many from photographers I know personally) and in some magazines that were very frustrating to me.  Even with all my years of experience […]

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Inevitable Arrival. Eight Excellent Train Pictures

“Dear Mr. President:  The canal system of this country is being threatened by a new form of transportation known as ‘railroads’ …  As you may well know, Mr. President, ‘railroad’ carriages are pulled at the enormous speed of 15 miles per hour by ‘engines’ which, in addition to endangering life and limb of passengers, roar […]

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