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Boquete Garden Inn in Lovely Boquete, Panama

I’ll get it out of the way up front.  The Boquete Garden Inn is probably THE BEST little inn I’ve stayed at, ever. Understand, of course, that I am a fanatic for birds, gardens and flowers. So walking through the gate from the already near-paradise that is the town of Boquete into some place that […]

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Where the Fairy Tern is Winging: Convicts, Mutiny and Executions: A Guest Post by Jim McIntosh

Editor’s Note: Brutal rule by an oligarchy is never as far off as we might think. It is something that has happened far too often throughout history and it is a danger the supposedly democratized “Western world” is dangerously close to falling back into at the moment.  Too few people hold too much power and […]

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Pictures of My 2012 – 24 Shots from All Over

I was rather heartbroken when I left my kids at the train station on a drizzly morning in Vasa, Finland at the end of March. They were flying home to New Mexico. I was flying south to Toulouse, France. 2011 had seen me in twice in Finland (once with the kids), in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, […]

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The Söderfjärden Meteor Crater – Finland

I visited the Söderfjärden on a warm, rainy August morning. The ten kilometers of road south from Vasa were perfectly clear except for two fearless foxes moving from one stand of Red Pine to the other.  I had spent the previous several days in Finland’s Kvarken Archipelago and had heard about the 520-560 million year old meteorite impact crater to the […]

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Visiting Kyoto Monuments

If Tokyo impresses visitors with its futuristic look, Kyoto is actually the historical and cultural centre of Japan. Surrounded on three sides by wooded hills and mountains, bisected by the Kamo River, the city occupies an exceptional site. With its unique geography comes a unique history! The ancient capital of Japan – from 794 until […]

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New Mexico’s Valley of Life

The Valle Vidal is a lush mountain basin located in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, in northern New Mexico. Donated to the American People in 1982, the Valle Vidal is managed by the Carson National Forest primarily for it’s wildlife, as well as it’s outstanding scenic and recreational opportunities. The Valle Vidal […]

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Briefly Noted: Treasure Fables and Scary Places You Gotta See

Go on, admit it. Its fun to be scared sometimes. Some of my best travel experiences arise from brief moments of fear – or that trippy feeling swirling around your belly when you stumble across someplace that just isnt quite right. Sadly, all my photographs and the negatives of the Sedlec Ossuary in January 1995 […]

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My Shot(S) of the Day: Mark of the Dead Soldier

Slide Show: Headstones of soldiers buried in Kit Carson Park, Taos, New Mexico.

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“I Just Want Some Goddamned Place to Camp”

I ran into this old boy Friday night in Taos, New Mexico. He had been riding for weeks, he said, looking for work. He started Friday morning in Angel Fire, NM. He had no map and just the name of a guy about 10 miles up the road. I gave him my maps and some […]

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Beach Camping in Norway

  Beach Camping in Norway ##

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Katlanovo sat in the snow deep in the mountains. The buildings of the summer camp dormitories were pale blue and spread into a stand of cyprus and pine. The air was hazy and orange and completely still. In front of the gate, a Macedonian police officer sat in a cramped hut playing cards with a group […]

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Haunted Hotels in New Mexico: Pop Shaffer’s Scary Hotel and Yummy Restaurant

One week ago, a slightly macho man and his two slightly pre-teen daughters requested the scariest two rooms in the hotel. Rooms 17 and 18 are right next to one another.  A tiled, modernistic bathroom links the rooms. The bathroom was also where the cowboy was found hanged.  Had he done it himself or had he […]

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