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SA Luxury Expeditions Reviews Archaeological Tourism Impacts in Peru

SA Luxury Expeditions Reviews Link Between Archaeology & Tourism in Peru “Tourism dollars, used right, can go a long way towards building local economies and preserving archaeological treasures.” So says Nick Stanziano, co-founder of the Peru-based tour operator SA Luxury Expeditions. “Tourism dollars, used right, can go a long way towards building local economies and preserving […]

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Archaeology, Environment, Travel and Obscura – News Roundup

Probably the best headline of the week: French Polynesia denies cannibals ate German tourist. Good thing that. I guess. I do wonder, however if eating a German can give you some of the weird side effects our normal diets do or if you’d have to eat an Australian for that. Maybe the German should have […]

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Archaeology, Environment, Travel and Weirdness – Friday News Roundup

Friday! This was the week when all the travelling from earlier this year finally wore off and I’m back in need of movement! Even Chopin didn’t help! Rio had a really strong pull on me this week. The Christ statue turned 80 and wanted me at its birthday. Sadly, I’ll bet Rio’s urban air is […]

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Book Review: “State of Wonder” by Ann Patchett

Let’s see if I can make this short and sweet. I don’t like this book. If you’d like to read Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder” in it’s origional, high- quality version, pick up “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. If you’d like to see the movie version, it’s called “Apocalypse Now”. “State of Wonder” is […]

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“When We Came Over the Hill” : Looting in Peru

When we came off the road and over the hill, we could see the huaqueros scatter. They dropped their shovels and most of them scrambled into a single, creaky Ford pickup that spun off into the dunes and toward the greened riverbed that stretched to the Pacific.  The others ran towards the ocean. The dunes […]

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My Shot of the Day – By the Looter’s Hand. Peru.

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Book Review: “Journey on the Estrada Real” by Glenn Alan Cheney.

Just about two months into my 1500-mile walk across Finland (research for my book “Notes for the Aurora Society” )I came to a crossroads. No, not a literal fork in the road but rather a forced choice-point in life where the cognitive dissonance in my soul demanded a solution. I had come to a research […]

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This Don’t Take No Skill – Photographing Peru’s Nazca Lines

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever actually seen the Nazca lines.  Yes, I have about one-hundred photographs of them in my computer, taken with my own camera.  I have the copy of my ticket for the plane.  I have a picture of the plane – and the pilot.  I have a […]

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