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Tourists’ Tastes Craft Culture

NOTE: This article was originally published in the November 2014 issue of Vrai Magazine ~ ~ ~ “I leave the good stuff at home,” the man said to me. “It doesn’t sell.” “What do you mean it doesn’t sell?” I asked him. Just last June I was at Zuni Pueblo in western New Mexico. On […]

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Should Foreigners Pay More? Damn Straight.

Should foreigners pay more? That was the question back at the beginning of summer when a heated discussion ensued among travel bloggers on Facebook. At the center of the debate was the tendency of some world governments to charge foreign visitors more than locals to enter a national monument, archaeological site or wildlife park. The […]

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William Bligh and the Jamaican Breadfruit Tree

There is a memory of the Bounty’s William Bligh in the form of a tree in the Jamaican mountains outside of Kingston. It should be obvious by now that I have a thing for historic travelers. I’m not sure how old I was but after reading the 1932 novel “Mutiny on the Bounty” by Nordhoff and  Hall […]

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On the Road with: Giuseppe Acerbi

On a chilly afternoon in early April 1799, a group of large horse drawn sledges appeared on the ice off the coast of Oulu in Finland. They had come all the way from Sweden and the horses were tired. Clouds of steam rose from the animal’s flanks. They blew and stomped on ice so clear […]

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On the Road with: Pietro della Valle

Even after Maani died she travelled with Pietro for five years until he could get her back to Italy. Quickly, the group of women attending the body removed her viscera and filled her innards with camphor oil. Next they delivered her heart, likewise camphorized, to Pietro on a saucer. He was less than impressed and […]

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