Was the Federal government required to give public lands away to the states at statehood?

Was the Federal government required to give public lands away to the states at statehood? A dubious line of reasoning has emerged among anti-public lands advocates and it’s having real world impacts ~ ~ ~ In January 2016, two dozen armed militants took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. “We’re here to unwind the […]

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public lands action

Public Lands Action in Taos, New Mexico

On a weekday morning at 11am about 400 people gathered at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company in Taos, New Mexico to support public lands. “The National Monument is one of the best deals ever made,” said the Taos Pueblo War Chief, Curtis Sandoval. “Not just for us Native Americans but for anyone who enjoys freedom.” […]

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Republicans Introduce Bill to Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a Republican, has introduced a bill to permanently eliminate the EPA …that is the agency dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.  H.R.861 – To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. I wrote last week that The Trump Administration is working to cut the EPA in half and potentially starve it […]

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Attacking the EPA is Attacking Clean Air, Clean Water and You

A year and a half ago my kids and I were on our way to explore Mesa Verde National Park when we ran across an orange river. You’ve heard about it. The Animas River was poisoned by a spill of mine waste from the Gold King mine near Leadville, Colorado. I wrote this at the […]

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Now it is National Monuments Under Attack

The Republican attack on America’s public lands and our nation’s most important environmental laws continues. Now, some radical Utah legislators are pushing President Trump to reverse the Bears Ears National Monument designation and radically amend the boundaries of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, declared nearly a generation ago.   “We want to downsize some of […]

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A Tepid Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Area Victory

Last week, the most worthless and unpopular Congress in the history of the United States of America passed the National Defense Authorization Act. The troubled House of Representatives approved the “must pass” bill on December, 4th. The Senate passed it on December 12th. Either this week or right after Christmas, President Obama will sign the […]

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The African American Heritage Trail of Washington DC

Yarrow Mamout, a devout Muslim, had a hauling business through the 1790’s. By 1800 he had earned enough to buy a house in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. From the get-go, African Americans have been a vital part of the life and growth of the nation’s capital. When Mamout bought his house in 1800 […]

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Memorial Day Flags

  Memorial Day flags. Washington. DC. For those who died in needless, wasteful wars.  The sorrow inexplicable. ##

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Video Reconstruction of Washington DC History – 1814

I love this stuff. Dan Bailey, the Director of the Imaging Research Center (IRC) at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, put together this fabulous little film as part of his four year research into Washington DC history. Very few accurate visual records from that time exist It so Bailey worked with historians, engineers, cartographers, and […]

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My Shot of the Day – Religious Leaders Exit White House

This group of gentlemen departed the White House five minutes before this shot.  I followed them because they were so interesting.

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