This was the week when all the travelling from earlier this year finally wore off and I’m back in need of movement! Even Chopin didn’t help! Rio had a really strong pull on me this week. The Christ statue turned 80 and wanted me at its birthday. Sadly, I’ll bet Rio’s urban air is as bad as America’s. Deadly for our children but not as bad as that cholera the UN brought to Haiti and that doesn’t seem to go away. And its not like ancient urbanity was exactly healthy. Sorry for the pun. Anyway, the Arab world also has that pull on my fiddle foot. I haven’t visited Dashur and if it is indeed the oldest pyramid in the world…wouldn’t you want to see that? What about South Africa? While there, I’d have to visit this 100,000 year-old art studio (Speaking of a long time ago, it’s been 25 years since The Princess Bride was released!) Well, what about Costa Rica for some rafting? Maybe it all had to do with the publication of my new book of travel photos and short stories. Looking back through all those places I’ve visited while enjoying some Camille Saint-Saëns (who turned 176 yrs old this week) had me wanting to Rise and Go. I guess I’ll just need to save up. Or hit up these guys.

Well, I guess none of that is in the cards for now so, instead, I went and got a tattoo. Well…not really but if I ever were to do that I know where I’d go for inspiration. Makes you want one, doesn’t it? What about a dog? Man’s best friend for a way long time. New Mexico is a fabulous place so staying close to home isnt SO bad. The Hotel Plaza Real renovation in Santa Fe is finally complete . Not to mention our food. Distinctive AND delicious.

When I was an archaeologist, much of the work I had was to clear archaeological sites ahead of the natural gas industry boom of the 90s. What I saw industry do to archaeological resources was horrific. That’s why I can assure you, these Pennsylvania archaeologists are right on. That’s not to say the development should stop just that great care needs to be taken to uncover archaeology. Look what turns up!

I gotta get back out there because our world is wonderfully bizarre!


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