Probably the best headline of the week: French Polynesia denies cannibals ate German tourist. Good thing that. I guess. I do wonder, however if eating a German can give you some of the weird side effects our normal diets do or if you’d have to eat an Australian for that. Maybe the German should have gone hiking in Portugal where they eat cheese instead. I swear to God, I’m going to retire in Portugal. Love that place.

That will be after I see these babies.

Ancient Americans, at least, had better taste than French Polynesian cannibals. MmmmmmmmmMammoth.

Every year the date of the first humans in North America is pushed back further and further. And further still. We’re starting to see some pretty convincing evidence of way long term and sophisticated habitation in the form of cut and polished seashells, fishing devices and stone tools used for cutting and scraping (choppers, percussive devices, planes, scrapers and knives) that date back between 8,600 and 9,300 years in Mexico. The Clovis-only theory no longer holds water. Eventually, I believe we’ll find that humans came here starting from 50,000 or more years ago – and that they didn’t just come from Asia. We’re also seeing that they thought like us. I’ve never bought the false dichotomy between “modern” and “primitive” ways of thinking. They hid gold. We hide gold. They hid more gold. So do we. They celebrated childbirth and so did we. Their heroes passed and so do ours. They build roads for various reasons and so do we. They Domesticated of chickens…on this end, I got my first delivery of eggs from the chickens my kiddos are keeping at their mother’s house. Their kids screamed on airplanes and…well… How do YOU deal with that ? As a travelling father, I’ll tell you that I deal with it with extreme compassion. For the parent.

Anyhow, humans have been humans since humans became humans.

Because of that, I’m just not sure how much power an Illuminati could actually hold – but I wont discount it. And no, I don’t have any problem with men in skirts either.

British museums will bid for the spectacular Ardnamurchen find. Speaking of stunning, check out this lovely wooden votive found at Brauron in Greece.

Nice that someone finally found Linn Duachaill. I’m bound to visit that place in the coming years. I wonder if they’d let me volunteer….. It will probably make an appearance in my next book – which I’m trying to find some funding for and which I may do through Amazon – like everybody else. Those are some good reasons.

Meanwhile, reality is slowly settling in. But there are some options and light from places you might not expect.

A little perspective? I always need some. How about the North Side of Mount Everest as seen from space. I always need a little perspective.

Happy Tuesday!

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