Going Wild in a Campervan

For people who like to travel with no boundaries and no limits, a motorhome or campervan trip can be one of the best choices for the ultimate freedom of travel. The open road lures many campervanners. Even though some countries can be less kind for motorhome or campervans, most are still achievable whether it’s getting [...]

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Lankester Botanical Garden – #EcoCostaRica

Check out more from the #ecocostarica trip on Twitter, FB and G+ I’m a sucker for flowers and gardens of any kind. My dreams are full of them. Just outside Cartago, Costa Rica is an 11 hectare (27 acre) garden created by Charles H. Lankester in the 1940’s. The native of Southampton, England was never formally [...]

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Travel Blogging Calendar 2014 – Less Skin, More Elephants!

I’m sure you remember. Last year I joined in with a a bunch of other bloggers to bare it all for charity. It was a fun project with an excellent goal.  But…well….my butt. My butt was the problem.  Preciously few people were interested in seeing that white mass hanging out there in the cold mountain [...]

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Pictures of My 2013 – 24 Captures from All Over

Looking back exactly one year ago at Pictures of my 2012, I see that I was in an optimistic place. (Feel free….by the way…. to skip this emotional screed and go straight down to the good stuff ) In reality, the past five years have been a struggle…or a series of struggles…as many of you [...]

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Great Bear Nature Tours – Grizzly Watching

by Daniel Mathews, copywriter of Hotelscan.com While traveling to different countries in last few years, I always make sure to explore the unique wild life in their natural habitat. I am most interested in nature and wildlife instead of other leisure activities during my trips. The diversity of wildlife across the globe always fascinates me. [...]

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Escape to Egypt

What could be better than holidays to Egypt? You’ve got a fabulous year-round climate, gorgeous beaches, incredible ancient history, spectacular day trips and so much more. You could take a Nile cruise and discover the world-famous ancient sights of Egypt, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Luxor, the Great Sphinx and all [...]

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Photo Essay: The Cheesemaker of I Due Falcetti

~ ~ ~ The cheesemaker Francesco Bagnoli lives with his parents and grandmother Lorena on the summit of an outrageously steep and pointy little Tuscan hill near Lamporecchio. The house seems cubist-inspired, all stacked both on top of and next to itself all at the same time.  Countless dogs, cats and chickens come and go from [...]

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6 Best Winter Holiday Destinations

During the cold and often dark winter months many people long for a little warmth and sunshine to brighten up the holidays. Fortunately, while half of the earth is covered by a blanket of snow and regularly hit by rain storms, the other basks in splendid winter sunshine, enough to put a smile back on [...]

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Vote for (ME!!) Storyteller of the Year!

I am pleased to announce that I was nominated for two awards by Hostelworld. First, Around the World in Eighty Years was nominated for overall Storyteller of the Year and second for best Debate article of the year. Vote for here: Travel Story Awards You can vote once a day until early January. Many of [...]

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Top 5 Archaeological Sites in Cyprus

For something like 12,000 years the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been at the crossroads of some of the greatest empires of the world.  From the Assyrians to the British, the depth of history on the island is astounding.  You can’t really visit Cyprus without checking out some of the amazing archaeological sites to [...]

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A Taste of Costa Rican Wildlife from La Selva Biological Station

Check out more from the #ecocostarica trip on Twitter, FB and G+ By the time I climbed back into the van for the drive back to San Jose my clothes were drenched, my glasses fogged up and my camera worn out. Located right at the confluence to two croc-filled rivers, the air in the forest is so [...]

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Turriabla, A Street Corner – My Shot of the Day – December 5, 2013

#ecocostarica Turrialba, Costa Rica. 435pm. December 4, 2013. ## You might also be interested in: Sugar Cane Fields in Central Costa Rica Volcan Turriabla, Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica at Night The Incredible Quetzal of Costa Rica

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