The Suicidal Architecture of Skopje Macedonia

(Editor’s note:  My apologies for the crazy layout of the photographs in this story.  I shot these images on slide film and then scanned them to place them into this post. For some reason, WordPress is not happy with them and no matter what I try I cannot get them to line up nicely.  Please [...]

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Another Look at Last Week’s Full Moonrise

“Moonrise” Taos, NM. February 17, 2011.

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My Shot of the Day – Meleagris gallopavo

Uncooperative and forever trying to get away from me.  I laid in the snow for a good chunk of time as they came toward me, only to cough at an inoportune moment.

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Madagascar – BBC – Island of Marvels (VIDEO)

Wow. After watching this BBC documentary on Madagascar…the unique island moves closer to the top of my MUST GO SEE/DO list:

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Applied Archaeology At Its Best

Finnish scientists are working diligently to re-brew a rather old-style ale after disecting an ancient beer found in a 200 year old shipwreck found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near the Aland Island. The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland says it aims to determine the recipe used in the brewing of what is “one of [...]

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