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Photo Essay: On the Border – The Slovakia Tatras

After several months of computer problems and other complications….most of them very good complications….I finally had time to sit down and edit some of the images I captured in October 2014 while hiking in the Slovakia Tatras National Park with members of the European Wilderness Society. This is the Polish-Slovakian border. In the second image […]

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Melting Glaciers in Austria – Hiking the Untersulzbachtal

Hiking the Untersulzbachtal At the beginning of October, 2014 I joined a small group to hike to the Untersulzbachtal Glacier in Austria’s Hohe Tauern National Park  I was one of the speakers at the European Wilderness Society’s Wilderness Academy Days at the park’s visitor center. With our little expedition were several of the park managers […]

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Living Close to the Land on One Acre – An Interview with Lee Bentley of Magpie Farms

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”   ~ Masanobu Fukuoka   The magpies sat in the apple tree that sheltered the corn. They were large and thick and daring. The birds considered us with their ridiculously intelligent eyes. “They were watching like […]

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Isabella on a Hot Tin Roof – My Shot of the Day – November 5, 2012

  Well, OK. There was nothing “hot” about this roof.  Nor “tin”. In fact, yesterday evening was a chilly (but not cold), shingle-covered garage roof in a Pueblo, Colorado backyard – a roof my brother and I frequented as kids.  I hoisted my daughter up for a view and when she pranced along the peak of […]

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Pikes Peak Colorado – My Shot of the Day – November 2, 2012

There was never a time I didn’t know this mountain. From the house I grew up in, you could walk down the driveway to the street, turn left, walk less than 30 yards and look right – and there is was. And still is. Pikes Peak Colorado is 14,115 ft (4,302 m) high and the […]

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Taos Mountain Balloon Rally 2012

The 2012 Taos Mountain Balloon Rally kicked off early Friday morning (Oct. 26) here in my town of Taos, New Mexico with a select group of invitational pilots and their massive envelopes. It was damn chilly and the wind kept them from doing much but Saturday morning we got the full treat as they climbed […]

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North Crestone Colorado – My Shot of the Day – October 23, 2012

North Crestone Colorado October on the North Crestone creek route in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Colorado. …the Sangre de Cristo mountains are fault-block mountains and are no less grand. Sharply uplifted blocks and high pointed pinnacles characterize the Sangre de Cristo mountains creating one of the most stunning Colorado landscapes. The third largest […]

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Fall Colors 2012 – My Shot of the Day – September 17, 2012

Fall colors 2012….here they come! Expect alot more of these types of shots over the coming weeks as we slide further from summer. I may suffer my way through winter but I’m infatuated with the cool air and bright colors of fall. During winter, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis. The trees […]

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Here It Comes and There They Go

A major winter storm is moving into our area over the next 12 hours – and these guys are getting the heck out. We’ve had high winds all day and it is only supposed to get worse.

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My Shot of the Day: Taos Mountain Sunrise

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My Shot of the Day: Bighorn Sheep

This bighorn sheep and his harem of seven were on the wall of the Rio Grande Gorge about 10 miles south of Taos, New Mexico on November 18, 2011.

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My Shot of the Day: Another Taos Sunset

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