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My Shot of the Day: Fire Boats House

Here is the last shot from my five weeks in Finland and France.  From here on out I will get back to my goal of posting the photo on the day I took it. I spent most of my final day (was that really just the day before yesterday?) on the train from Helsinki to […]

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Finland’s Kvarken Archipelago

The m/s Tiira leaves several times a day from the dock in Vasa. The small tour boat holds about thirty and most tend to be Finns. There are the older women’s groups on their weekly excursion, the small families out to see a few birds, a romantic couple or two and, of course, those looking […]

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Two Images. Haiti and Norway

The top image is from Ouanga Bay, Haiti showing fishermen heading out at dusk. I circled the camera lense with a napkin. The lower image is from a fish store in Bodo, Norway and is of a very large, dried fish-head in a glass counter.

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My Shot of the Day: Swimming At Hietasaari. Vasa. Finland.

Suomen Suvi – Sweet Summer in Finland

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The R/S Faros at Midnight. Vasa. Finland.

I walk the rooms of the flat in the depth of night when a soft breeze spreads the curtains over the kitchen table and around the edge of the cheap blue couches. But it is not so deep.  The light is pink and soft.  There is a midnight plant that smells like a clean laundry detergent and its […]

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My Shot of the Day: Midnight Fishing. Central Finland

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My Shot of the Day: The Ferry Pilot at Nagu. Finland.

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My Shot of the Day: Yellow Summer Lake

  Vesijarvi. Finland.

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My Shot of the Day: Going In. Korpostrom. Finland.

It has been hotter than hell in Finland this week. I swear it is hotter in Helsinki than it was in Haiti just two weeks ago. So a nice dip in the Baltic is what everyone is the solution many Finns seek.

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My Shot of the Day: Suomen Suvi

Finnish boys afloat on their homemade boat. Vesijarvi. Lahti. Finland.

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My Shot of the Day: Lake Päijänne from Aurinkovuori. Finland

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Haiti Photos : Crossing the Artibonite at Deslandes

Haiti Photos: Crossing the Artibonite at Deslandes The Artibonite River is a 320 km long river in Haiti. It is the longest as well as the most important river in Haiti and the longest on the island of Hispaniola. Forming part of the international border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the river’s sources are in the Cordillera Central in the Dominican […]

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