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Fried Muikku!! – My Shot(s) of the Day – August 11, 2014

Finns are going to laugh at me for this post but I don’t care. I LOVE fried muikku! In English we know this little freshwater fish as vendace, Coregonus albula. In Finnish it is muikku. A member of the Salmonidae family the muikku is a type of whitefish found throughout the lakes of northern Europe. [...]

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Paywa Zuni Bread – Sourdough From (PERHAPS) the Largest Horno in the State

Two days ago I dropped in on Jimmy Paywa of Zuni Pueblo for some bread. “Jim….hmmmm…. I think I’ll be able to remember your name,” he said. “Don’t worry if not,” I told him. “Sometimes I can’t even remember my own name.” “Then you might have a hard time remembering mine!”  He waved me over [...]

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Costa Rica Foods – El Mirador Sitios Angustura

“So.  There are three areas on the stove basically.  The hottest is right here over the area where you put the wood.”  Maria Luis waved her hard-working, muscled hand over the front part of the stove.  “Both sides.  Hot.  Then the medium heat is here in the center.  Over there on the edge is the [...]

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Photo Essay: The Cheesemaker of I Due Falcetti

~ ~ ~ The cheesemaker Francesco Bagnoli lives with his parents and grandmother Lorena on the summit of an outrageously steep and pointy little Tuscan hill near Lamporecchio. The house seems cubist-inspired, all stacked both on top of and next to itself all at the same time.  Countless dogs, cats and chickens come and go from [...]

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Chef Anna’s Italian Crostata Recipe – Try It!

Ok. If you’re only here for the recipe and not the amazing and outstanding and simply mouthwatering photography then jump on down to the bottom where you will find Chef Anna’s Italian Crostata Recipe as presented by chef Karista Bennett of Karista’s Kitchen my friend and fello DaVinci Storyteller for 2013.  Fine. Go ahead…make the [...]

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Magnificent Tuscan Food and Wine in Fifteen Photos

Editor’s Note: Rules being rules and laws being laws, please note that you have to to be at least 18 years old to read the rest of this post. Ya silly I know.  Its because of the alcohol…. Tuscan Food and Wine One of the main things that I wanted to work on while in [...]

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“No. No. You May Not Have an Americano” – My Shot of the Day – October 5, 2013

In the Bar dell’Orso on the road to Montalcino I needed a break from all the espresso shots I was kicking back. Instead, I wanted to just sit and sip at a coffee. Take my time. Enjoy it. I asked him for an Americano. His jaw dropped, his eyes nearly popped from his head. He [...]

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Sangiovese Grosso – My Shot of the Day – October 3, 2013

This is the Sangiovese grosso. Some think this grape has been cultivated since Etruscan times. Yesterday we drove south to the Montalcino where the the Sangiovese grosso is raised specifically for the Brunello wine produced by Cantine Leonardo DaVinci. We visited a hill side grower. His vines line the slopes above the Sant’Antimo abbey. On [...]

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Off to Tuscany!

On Wednesday I leave for ten days in Tuscany. I’ve been to Italy a number of times but never Tuscany and I haven’t been back to Italy since my last visit to Venice in 1998. Needless to say I’m excited. Oh and…before you read any further I have to do this: By choosing to click [...]

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Food From Venice: Three Meals That Tell the Story of La Serenissima

 “Albeit they have neyther meadows, nor pastures, nor arable grounds neare their city…they have as great abundance of victuals, corne and fruites of all sorts whatsoever…being plenteously ministred unto them from Padua, Vicenza, and other bordering townes and places of Lombardy….As for their fruits, I have observed wonderful plenty amongst them, as Grapes, Peares, Applees, [...]

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Panamanian Food. Fish, Meat, Plantains and Rice.

Green chile was a regular ingredient at breakfast growing up.   I think the only thing my father didn’t put it in were the pancakes, but I’m sure he wanted too. Given that I grew up on spicy and have a very high tolerance.  That is why I’m surprised that bottle of hot sauce Maria Elena [...]

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La Rana Dorada – The Best Microbrewery Panama City Panama

The Porter was the best. In the glass it was brown and turned ruby where the light shined through the liquid. The head was a nice auburn and the taste was a perfect mix of chocolate, coffee and the slightly tannic taste that comes from roasted barely.  It was a little sweet but not on [...]

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