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Twenty-Three Pictures of Haiti

A little over a year ago I was in Haiti. I’d packed away my hard-core little first-aid kit, a few containers of hand sanitizer, a bottle of chloroquine and a bottle of ciprofloaxacin, signed up for some good medical travel insurance and made my way, via Miami, to Port-au-Prince. I was there for about two weeks […]

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The Invincibility of Madame Mathilde. A Story of Haiti

Beautiful Madame Sylvie felt her lungs tighten and her throat burn.  Her grey and wrinkled mother looked at her and asked if she was Ok. “No,” she answered.  Then her eyes bulged and she gasped for breath.  There was none to be had.  She collapsed into her breakfast of fried egg and boiled plantain.  A […]

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Vagabond Healing, Perhaps

If I’ve learned anything about myself in 41 years of living it is this: I am, as my friend Victoria says, the “nomad-wanderer-gypsy-rambler-forever-traveler…..” It is just me. It always has been and it always will be. I don’t typically get all mushy and philosophical before a trip. Sure, I follow Turgenev’s advice and sit for […]

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The ULTIMATE Travel Resource Library – Part I:New Mexico, Colorado, France, Vietnam and Haiti

The full library is available here Part II is here — You already know we’re book hounds here at Around the World in Eighty Years.   Heck, the name itself is an ode to the literature of travel. I never go anywhere without a stack of books. Wherever I go, I’m obsessed with knowing as […]

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Manje Kreyol: A Day in the Life of Haitian Food Culture

By eight o’clock in the morning we were bunched up with the boxes, sacks, mules, chickens, children farmers and merchants at the edge of the Artibonite River. Everyone talked at once and the crowd on the opposite shore whooped and hollered encouragement.  The boys running the service bailed the silty orange water with plastic cups.  […]

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Skyline – Port-au-Prince, Haiti – July 2011

## Haiti Photographs

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Archaeology, Environment, Travel and Weirdness – Friday News Roundup

Friday! This was the week when all the travelling from earlier this year finally wore off and I’m back in need of movement! Even Chopin didn’t help! Rio had a really strong pull on me this week. The Christ statue turned 80 and wanted me at its birthday. Sadly, I’ll bet Rio’s urban air is […]

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A Few Morsels of News

Morning! A few things to point you to this morning. First off, one of my August monsoon morning shots was chosen Picture of the Week over at Santa Fe Travelers – a great travel resource, BTW. Second, I’m about ready to put out the first of two photography books I will be publishing this fall. […]

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Two Images. Haiti and Norway

The top image is from Ouanga Bay, Haiti showing fishermen heading out at dusk. I circled the camera lense with a napkin. The lower image is from a fish store in Bodo, Norway and is of a very large, dried fish-head in a glass counter.

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Haiti Photos : Crossing the Artibonite at Deslandes

Haiti Photos: Crossing the Artibonite at Deslandes The Artibonite River is a 320 km long river in Haiti. It is the longest as well as the most important river in Haiti and the longest on the island of Hispaniola. Forming part of the international border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the river’s sources are in the Cordillera Central in the Dominican […]

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Haiti: Le Geste

Le Geste is one of the farmers we are working with in Deslandes, Haiti. He is growing corn, beans, squash and sweet potatos on the CIJ demonstration farm. I have trouble with names. Sometimes I forget my own. I’m going through my notes and photos to match people with names. I hope I got the […]

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Pictures of Haiti Flowers

Othere photos from last week in Haiti are available here, here and here. ##

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