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Late Winter Snow in New Mexico – My Shot of the Day – February 28 2013

Snow in New Mexico is vital for both people and the environment. Spring is soon on its way and overall, we are way low as far as the snow we need. Still, the last week saw several snow storms come through, dumping some much-needed moisture on our overly dry mountains. These are the times of crisp, […]

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Ya. Chamonix and All That.

Yesterday I was up in Taos Ski Valley with the kids.  We were tubing with my daughter’s school.  It was incredibly fun.  My little boy, watching the skiers on the slopes around us asked if he could learn how. “Oh no,” was my first thought. I grew up in Colorado and skiing was always part […]

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Snow in Taos – My Shot of the Day – December 15, 2012

Its cloudy and -7 Celcius here in Taos, New Mexico as I write this with five inches of fresh snow on the ground. Snow in Taos is most welcome. Over the past few months we’ve hardly seen a cloud. Skin has been so dry it itches. The air has been full of dust. Its been […]

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On Top: Pic du Midi Observatory, France

From the ancient stone villages and fortified chateaux of the Knights Templar dotting the foothills that turn to the great wine plains of the Gare, Garrone and to Aquitaine it looks like a lonely outpost of bristling towers and domes on an iced-over alien planet.  It appears impossible to reach. Its residents look to the […]

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My Shot of the Day: Fire Boats House

Here is the last shot from my five weeks in Finland and France.  From here on out I will get back to my goal of posting the photo on the day I took it. I spent most of my final day (was that really just the day before yesterday?) on the train from Helsinki to […]

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My Shot of the Day: The Gavarnie Cirque

Ok. This wasn’t today. It was last week. But I loved this place. It was stunning and I wanted to share this photo. The Gavarnie Cirque is a glacier carved amphitheater-shaped valley located in the central Pyrenees.  This is a massive chunk of rock. The cirque is a stunning 800 meters wide at the bottom and 3000 […]

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My Shot of the Day: Pic du Midi France Hautes-Pyrénées

Pic du Midi France , Hautes-Pyrénées. I’m in the little village of Bagnères-de-Bigorre right at the base of the mountains. Spring time, flowers popping out everywhere! ##

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Early Morning Train South

Morning train south from Vasa. The air is bright and blue and clean. Talitiainen, the Great Tit, sings its squeaky wheelbarrow song. Trumpeter swans bark overhead. The first day of spring (my lovely daughter’s birthday…on the plane home this morning) but the fields are all covered in snow, the hillocks of forest are grey and […]

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My Shot of the Day: The Perfect Ice Fishing Shot

Ice Fishing.   The Perfect Shot. It wasn’t the first train of the day but I was on my way from Helsinki to Vasa by 9am yesterday.  The journey takes about five hours and is about as comfortable as you can imagine.  The Intercity coaches all sport wireless connection the whole way, the seats recline […]

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My Shot of the Day: Ice Fishing. Vasa, Finland

There is plenty of light but not exactly sun here in early spring.  The wind is howling off the Gulf of Bothnia stirring up the snow and cutting visibility.  All the bulldozers, bobcats and dump trucks are working around the clock to clear the grey, dog-pooped filled ice from the roads and sidewalks. Photo : […]

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Vagabond Healing, Perhaps

If I’ve learned anything about myself in 41 years of living it is this: I am, as my friend Victoria says, the “nomad-wanderer-gypsy-rambler-forever-traveler…..” It is just me. It always has been and it always will be. I don’t typically get all mushy and philosophical before a trip. Sure, I follow Turgenev’s advice and sit for […]

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My Shot of the Day: Tusas Snow

Tusas Mountains west of Taos, New Mexico.

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