Moonrise Taos

Moonrise Taos New Mexico – My Shot of the Day – April 4, 2015

  I know, I know. My first post in quite a while. I need to jump back in and spend some time here. Above is a shot of last night’s moonrise over the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains east of Taos, New Mexico. Below is the view west about 30 minutes later as […]

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Norra Kvarken Sunset – My Shot of the Day – August 12, 2014

The Finnish name Mustasaari literally translated means “black island” but as an ancient word Mustasaari holds more meaning that just the literal translation. Since the glaciers rolled away some 9,000 or so years ago, the Norra Kvarken has been rising out of the sea. A rebounding of sorts. The weight of millenia of mile-high masses […]

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My Shot(s) of the Day – Taos Lightning – July 2, 2014

Last night, Taos and surrounding areas were hit with a pretty intense storm between about 830pm and 1030pm. It was a fabulous night for Taos lightning shots but I have to admit I was bothered just a bit that my 10-year old daughter was out in that storm without me!  She and her nature camp […]

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Larciano Castello – My Shot of the Day – October 9, 2013

It is more than a little difficult to imagine that dirty, bloodied violent armies slugged it out back and forth over those green and golden rolling hills for centuries. It wasn’t always that way. The Romans established a villa on that hilltop in the 4th century BCE and called it “Villa Larziana”, the name coming […]

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White Sands National Monument – My Shot of the Day – June 6, 2013

It is one of my favorite places in New Mexico. White Sands National Monument. I was out taking shots of the sunset over the Tularosa Basin and the Jornada del Muerto and the amazing light spreading across the gypsum fields that spread over nearly 300 square miles of the desert. This is the world’s largest […]

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Evening Rain on the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area – My Shot of the Day – May 16, 2013

An evening rain storm soaks the valleys on the west face of the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area just a few miles northeast of Taos right after sunset. A slew of other shots of the Columbine Hondo can be found here. What else is there to say? ##

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Arabian Sea Sunset

Last night I was going back through all the amazing photographs I took while in India last year and wondering…what should I do with them? This one stood out. At least tonight it did, when I’m having that very strong urge to travel again. I was camped up under a huge mass of reeds just […]

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What Makes a Sunset ? – My Shot of the Day – August 28, 2012

So I’m standing in a field just north of Taos, New Mexico taking my umpteenth sunset shot and I finally get to wondering – beyond the smoke or dust in the air, what is it that causes these red sunsets? What makes a sunset? A little online reading and I come up with the simple […]

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Biblical, Dude! My Shot of the Day. August 3, 2012

  When I posted this sunset shot to Facebook last night my friend and fellow photographer Geraint wrote “Biblical, dude!” I agree.  With the light streaming down out of the clouds there was something about Heaven Beacons to the whole thing. Just to the north of the sunset was this giant Cumulonimbus in the shot below.  A sign […]

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Summer Solstice in the New Normal: My Shot of the Day

  Summer solstice 2012 finds the West on fire. Smoke-filled summer days have become the new normal. If it isn’t Arizona burning it’s Colorado burning. Or it’s New Mexico burning. My nose is full in the morning and my throat hoarse all day. The multi layers of brown in the air don’t really go away – […]

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Denver International Airport : My Shot of the Day

Denver International Airport last night. I made it – not far from my home town of Pueblo where I left my kiddos with the grandparents so that I could go to the TBEX conference in Keystone.  But it means that today, Saturday, I can get up at the crack of butt and be there in […]

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My Shot of the Day: Solar Eclipse 2012

Solar eclipse 2012 , May 20, from Taos, New Mexico, USA ##

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