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Melting Glaciers in Austria – Hiking the Untersulzbachtal

Hiking the Untersulzbachtal At the beginning of October, 2014 I joined a small group to hike to the Untersulzbachtal Glacier in Austria’s Hohe Tauern National Park  I was one of the speakers at the European Wilderness Society’s Wilderness Academy Days at the park’s visitor center. With our little expedition were several of the park managers […]

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Norra Kvarken Sunset – My Shot of the Day – August 12, 2014

The Finnish name Mustasaari literally translated means “black island” but as an ancient word Mustasaari holds more meaning that just the literal translation. Since the glaciers rolled away some 9,000 or so years ago, the Norra Kvarken has been rising out of the sea. A rebounding of sorts. The weight of millenia of mile-high masses […]

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On The River Arno – Florence – My Shot of the Day, September 28, 2013

A man poles his way up the River Arno just outside the Uffizi Gallery, one of the very first modern museums, open to the public since 1765. At 150 miles long, the river Arno originates up in the Apennines at Mt. Falterona.  It passes through Florence, Empoli and Pisa and empties into the Ligurian Sea […]

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Spring Reflection – My Shot of the Day – April 11, 2013

    I wasn’t terribly impressed with this spring reflection image to be honest. Apparently, others were. I still find it just a bit mediocre….. (I like this one alot better) On Sundays the kids and I always head out into the world looking for some adventure to have.  Sometimes we will venture far afield […]

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Water Reflection – My Shot of the Day – March 25, 2013

Just after dawn these early spring days, the air is perfectly still and the sound of Red-winged black birds fills the air. The snow and ice have melted and ponded and pooled and the calm morning air makes for some great water reflection photography. I shot this in Taos’ Fred Baca Park wetlands soon after […]

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International Water Day – Clean Water is a Basic Human Right

  Happy World Water Day!! 2013 was chosen to be the International Water Cooperation year and today, March 22, as International Water Day (or World Water Day). Why do we celebrate World Water Day?  Because water is the most important resource on the planet. Water is not just an environmental issue.  Access to clean water […]

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On the Quetzales Trail Panama

The Quetzales Trail Panama connects the town of Boquete to the town of Cerro Punta along the edge of the Baru Volcano, the highest mountain in Panama at 11,398 feet.  The trail cuts through the cloud forest along the Talamanca mountain range.  The trail rises from a deep valley through gigantic ancient oaks, magnolias and […]

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Spectacled Caiman – My Shot of the Day – January 18, 2013

Wildlife in Panama Plowing into the jungle near the Rio Obispo looking for birds, I immediatly saw a Crimson-bellied woodpecker, a sirystes and a type of trogon showing off a small butterfly he had taken. A green iguana crossed the path, far too fast for me to take a picture and I made a made […]

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Gulf Coast Birding – The Best Five Birding Sites in Mississippi

Gulf Coast birding hits a high point in Mississippi. Somewhere around 350 species of birds are known to inhabit or move through the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Not only are the rich coastal environments vital for migratory species as they move north from South America in the spring or return south in the fall but the […]

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Rotterdam. A City Below the Sea. What Will the Future Bring?

Besides the intense urban-ness of Rotterdam, the thing that struck me about the Dutch city as I flew over in April was its connection to water. And I keep looking at this picture: Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world. For decades, and until very recently, it topped the list as the largest. […]

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Dragonfly Photos Are Nice. My Shot of the Day. June 27, 2012

  Dragonfly Photos My son and I sat next to the Rio Grande fishing this morning with our friends David and Ian after a glorious night under the stars. A helicopter passed overhead and there was a hint of smoke wafting up from the south.  There was a wind and it was hot but the […]

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My Shot of the Day: The Waterfall Study

The kids and I took a picnic and a very easy hike up in the Taos Ski Valley to the waterfall just above the grassy ski slopes above The Bavarian.  We ate tuna with crackers, fresh tomatoes from the garden and then some M&Ms for good measure Then we played with pictures of the waterfall.  How close […]

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