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The Old Barn – My Shot of the Day – February 5, 2014

  This shot of the old barn in the Cañon area of Taos was far from the ideal capture- and I really liked it. I pointed the camera right into the low, setting sun to get the picture. The air around the old barn was full of smoke from several newly lit stove fires in […]

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Taos Mountain, New Mexico – My Shot of the Day – November 23, 2013

A major winter storm is moving in on us from the southwest today. I took this picture of Taos Mountain at 1:35pm today as the storm came in.  Here is another shot of Taos Mountain that I have for sale: “Mountain Light – Taos” From the National Weather Service: BOTTOM LINE:  MAJOR WINTER STORM […]

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12 months of pure powder pleasure – How to pull off spending a full year on the slopes

Being able to ski or snowboard every single month of the year is an accomplishment seen to be achievable only by the very wealthy or the very dedicated. Chasing the fluffy white stuff around the globe in an inexplicable attempt to satisfy an endless craving to plummet at breakneck speeds down long, steep drops of […]

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Whooper Swans Heading North – My Shot of the Day – March 5, 2013

My shot for today is actually a year old. One year old exactly in fact. These Whooper swans passed over the kids and I on March 5, 2012 while we played on the ice in the Gulf of Bothnia next to Vasa, Finland.  The Whooper swans (the national bird of Finland) were heading north into […]

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Late Winter Snow in New Mexico – My Shot of the Day – February 28 2013

Snow in New Mexico is vital for both people and the environment. Spring is soon on its way and overall, we are way low as far as the snow we need. Still, the last week saw several snow storms come through, dumping some much-needed moisture on our overly dry mountains. These are the times of crisp, […]

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Ya. Chamonix and All That.

Yesterday I was up in Taos Ski Valley with the kids.  We were tubing with my daughter’s school.  It was incredibly fun.  My little boy, watching the skiers on the slopes around us asked if he could learn how. “Oh no,” was my first thought. I grew up in Colorado and skiing was always part […]

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Christmas in Taos – My Shot of the Day – December 19, 2012

  Christmas in Taos has really gone nuts over the past ten years. There is more holiday stuff happening in this little town than you can shake a stick at. It is impossible to see it all but there are quite a number of events to hit. These shots are from the John Dunn Shops […]

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Snow on the Colombine-Hondo – My Shot of the Day – December 17, 2012

The kids and I were out in a foot of fresh powdery snow most of yesterday.  We were up in the Arroyo Hondo valley north of Taos New Mexico on the north edge of the Colombine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area.  We built a snow tunnel, followed animal tracks and built a little fire to warm up on […]

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Snow in Taos – My Shot of the Day – December 15, 2012

Its cloudy and -7 Celcius here in Taos, New Mexico as I write this with five inches of fresh snow on the ground. Snow in Taos is most welcome. Over the past few months we’ve hardly seen a cloud. Skin has been so dry it itches. The air has been full of dust. Its been […]

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Lighting of Ledoux 2012 – My Shot of the Day – December 10, 2012

Every winter, just a week or two before the solstice Taos, New Mexico hosts one of the most entertaining and beautiful holiday-season events around: The Lighting of LeDoux. It all started in the way-back before the Spaniards ever set foot on this land. The pre-Christian people of the Mediterranean used to light gigantic bonfires on […]

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Pikes Peak Colorado – My Shot of the Day – November 2, 2012

There was never a time I didn’t know this mountain. From the house I grew up in, you could walk down the driveway to the street, turn left, walk less than 30 yards and look right – and there is was. And still is. Pikes Peak Colorado is 14,115 ft (4,302 m) high and the […]

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On Top: Pic du Midi Observatory, France

From the ancient stone villages and fortified chateaux of the Knights Templar dotting the foothills that turn to the great wine plains of the Gare, Garrone and to Aquitaine it looks like a lonely outpost of bristling towers and domes on an iced-over alien planet.  It appears impossible to reach. Its residents look to the […]

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