Rise and Go by Jim O’Donnell

By Jim O’Donnell


NOTES FOR THE AURORA SOCIETY: A 1500 Mile Walk Across Finland, by Jim O’Donnell


Hyenas Laughed at Me
and Now I Know Why
(an anthology including Jim O’Donnell)

From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall (an anthology including Jim O’Donnell)

travel literature books

“……..Pia poured coffee from a steel thermos into a plastic cup, dropped a sugar cube into the greasy black liquid and watched the rain obscure the golf course.  She wore a black rain slick, open, over her dark wools and a blue and yellow tie against a white shirt.  She had come from packing tools, signs and golfing equipment into a shed.  It had been raining for two days and the green was flooded……”

– from Notes for the Aurora Society


“Katlanovo sat in the snow deep in the mountains. The buildings of the summer camp dormitories were pale blue and spread into a stand of cyprus and pine. The air was hazy and orange and completely still.

In front of the gate, a Macedonian police officer sat in a cramped hut playing cards with a group of Aškali children. His Lada 2107 sat just outside. He had steak-like jowls and thin lips. “Majupi,” he said and thrust his chins toward the buildings. The children berated him and he grinned. I handed over my passport as he requested and walked through the gates…..”

– from “Majupi”, in Rise and Go



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