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Jim O’Donnell on Twice Five Miles Radio – Conversations Worth Having – June 24, 2018
Digital Nomad Mastery Interview about Around the World in 80 Years with Jim O’Donnell, July 29, 2017 (video)
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Around the World in Eighty Years is one of the Top Photography Blogs of 2016
Best Off-Beat Desintations in 2017, WhereTraveler
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More Intl Travelers Want To Vacation Responsibly But Figuring Out What’s Truly Sustainable Isn’t Easy, International Business Times, June 20, 2015
10 Best Sustainable Travel Blogs to Follow 2015
Getting to Know Jim O’Donnell, Vrai Magazine, April 22, 2014
A World to Travel, July 12, 2013 FINAL_VRAI_LOGO_2_square
Santa Fe Travelers, November 14, 2012
Travel Link Sites, August 23, 2012
Travel Buzz, January, 2012
The Little Coalition that Could, Orion Magazine, 2006

Books and Anthologies

Hanging, Just Outside the World,” Modern Literature, March 1, 2018
“Hanging, Just Outside the World” in Chaos of Hard Clay, 2018
“Cuba Unwrapped: A Guide to Sustainable Travel in Cuba”, Horizon Guides, 2017, Contributor
The National Parks of Costa Rica“, Horizon Guides, 2016, Contributor
“Wild Guide: A Passport to New Mexico’s Wilderness”, best travel blogsNew Mexico Wilderness Alliance, 2016, Contributor
“This Don’t Take No Skill” and “Pello” in From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall, 2012
“Red Flag Day” in Facing the Change, 2013
Rise and Go, Blurb Press, 2011
Notes for the Aurora Society: 1500 Miles on Foot Across Finland, Infinity Press, 2009
“Egypt, Day One” in Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why: The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure, Travelers Tales Publications, 2004
“Killing Pahnke” in Catch2, Alibi Press, 1999
“Pioneers” in Blue Mesa Review, 1997

Journalism, Fiction and MoreBBC Travel

Taos Pueblo and the 50th Anniversary of the Return of Blue Lake, El Palacio, September 2020
New Mexico’s Enchanting Hikes, Guest Life New Mexico, May 2020 (p.64)
Watercolors (fiction), The Hopper, January 2020
Street. Justice. Values. The Street Photography of Jim O’Donnell. Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, April 2019
Fear, Loathing and Love: Kristina Ortez on Self Care and Environmental Advocacy, Taos News, March 2019
How to Build a Park – Community Style, Parks and Recreation, December, 2018
New Mexico’s Valle Vidal (photography), Western Environmental Law Center, April 22, 2018
Time to Rise. Cli-Fi and the Responsibility of New Visions, Modern Literature, April 12, 2018
Why TV Meteorologists are Talking About Beer, Chocolate, Peaches and Poison Ivy, Ensia, March 7, 2018
The Best Margaritas in the World Are in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here is the Proof, Matador Network, February 22, 2018
How Vulnerable Are Societies to Collapse?, Discover, September 28, 2017
Should We Bid Farewell to the Pinon?, Scientific American, October 10, 2017
Can We Save This Iconic Tree from Climate Change?, Ensia, September 26, 2017
How Vulnerable Are We To Collapse?, Sapiens, September 15, 2017
The Black Islands Rising from the Sea, BBC Travel, April 19, 2017
How Climate Change is Impacting Antarctica, Zegrahm, April 10, 2017
The Return of Park Ranger Diplomacy, Sierra Magazine, April 8, 2017
Meet the Rural Advocates for Keeping Federal Lands Just They Way They Are, Sierra Magazine, April 1, 2017
17 Awesome Experiences to Have in New Mexico in 2017, Matador Network, March 31, 2017
Why Cuba’s Professionals Are Flocking to Tourism, Vrai Magazine, Spring 2017
Trump’s Border Fences Aren’t Good for People and They Aren’t Good for Wildlife, European Wilderness Society, January 28, 2017
Aimed at Refugees, Fences Are Threatening European Wildlife, Yale Environment 360, December 15, 2016header-8
The Best Birdwatching Tours in the World, International Expeditions, November 2016
Bringing Joy into the World: Taos Artist Shari Ubechel, Taos Magazine, October 2016
Taos Mountain Balloon Rally (photography), Taos Magazine, October 2016
Orlando’s Dialed in and Delicious (photography), Taos Magazine, October 2016
Common Fire: A Delicious New Gathering Spot (photography), Taos Magazine, September 2016 (pp. 46-47)
How To Capture Cuba with Your Camera, Espiritu Travel, August 16, 2016
A Love Letter to New Mexico, Matador Network, August 3, 2016
Taos. Five Spots That Will WOW Your Guests (photography), Taos Magazine, August 2016 (pp.20-21)
Three Perfect Days in Trinidad, Cuba, Vrai Magazine, July 2016 (pp64-81)
The Inspiring Resourcefullness of Daily Life in Cuba, Matador Network, July 1, 2016
The Big Business of Europe’s Migration Crisis, SAPIENS, June 21, 2016
Mesa Verde’s Surprising Story, BBC Travel, June 15, 2016national-geographic-logo
Wild and Free: Protected Public Lands Vital to Ecotourism in New Mexico Discover Taos, Summer/Fall 2016 (pp122-124)
Wilderness Snowshoe,” New Mexico Wild!, Spring 2016
Bathing in Creativity: Dawning Pollen Shorty Carries on Artistic Legacy, Her Way, Taos Women (pp.46-48), March 2016
Things I Love. Well, Clouds, Vrai Magazine, February 22, 2016
Top Five Winter Activities in Taos Besides Skiing, Beyond Taos, January 22, 2016
Raising the Bar, New Mexico Magazine, January 2016
8 Under the Radar Adventures You Need to Consider This Winter in New Mexico, Matador Network, December, 2015
80% of Europe’s Wildlife Habitat is at Risk. Here is what is being done about it in Slovakia, Matador Network, November 10, 2015
New Mexico Zero Carbon 2065, Trend Magazine, Fall 2015 (pp225-229)
10 Simple Wildlife Photography Tips, International Expeditions, September 2015
17 Facts About New Mexico You Never Would Have Guessed, Matador Network, September 2015
New Mexico’s Newest Monument“, BBC Travel, August 24, 2015bes travel writing
Archaeology in Costa Rica: The Ruins and The Museums, International Expeditions, August 2015
Conservation Hero: Tony Benson, Taos Land Trust
Conservation Hero: Michael Elliot, Taos Land Trust
Conservation Hero: Loretta Trujillo, Taos Land Trust
Conservation Hero: John and Rebecca Hall, Taos Land Trust
Slovakia’s Tatras – The Heart of European Wilderness, Thinking Wilderness, July 2015
Wine-tasting in the Madirans and Beyond, Rendevous en France, July, 2015
El Rio Grande del Norte National Monument: A Guide to more than 300,000 acres of natural wonders, 2015
The Boundaries of the Sacred – A Visit to Zuni Pueblo Part 2, Vrai Magazine, April 2015
The Eight Best Vistas in Taos, New Mexico, Taos Visitors Summer Guide, 2015DaVinci-Storyteller-Badge-2013
Hike on YOUR Land – Guided Hikes with the BLM, Taos Visitors Summer Guide, 2015
The Boundaries of the Sacred – A Visit to Zuni Pueblo Part 1, Vrai Magazine, April, 2015
8 Of New Mexico’s Most Spectacular Hikes, Matador Network, April 2015
12 Things Every New Mexican Has To Explain To Out-of-Towners, Matador Network, April 2015
10 Signs You Were Born and Raised in New Mexico. Matador Network, April 2015
The Flowers of Spring – I’m a Sucker for These Guys!, Vrai Magazine, March, 2015
Rainwater Harvesting, Green Taos 2015 (pp. 30-32)
Being a Steward of the Environment Involves More Than Just Greenwashing, Green Taos, 2015 (pp. 6-8)
8 Places to Visit to Understand the History of New Mexico, Matador Network, February 2015
The Ten Best Places to See Art in New Mexico, Matador Network, January 2015
There is Nothing Like Christmas in Taos, New Mexico, Vrai Magazine, December 2014
Tourists’ Tastes Craft Culture, Vrai Magazine, November 2014Large.Logo (1)
Where World Heritage Rises from the Sea – Finland’s Kvarken, Vrai Magazine, September, 2014
Kit Carson: A Divisive Figure Long After His Time, Tradiciones, Taos News, October 5, 2014
The Missing and the Haunted – The Ghost Bars of Taos, Leyendas, Taos News, September 18, 2014
Seven Faces of Eco-Tourism in Finland, Vrai Magazine, September, 2014
Toad the Wet Sprocket Returns to Taos, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, July 31, 2014
Columbine Hondo: A Jewel Just Waiting for Recognition, Green Taos, July 2014
Taos Land Trust, New Leader, Same Goals, Green Taos, July 2014
Centinal Bank: Serious About Customer Service, Taos News – Best in Taos, June 2014
Nathanial Evans, From School Bus to Best Teacher in Taos, Taos News – Best in Taos, June 2014
It Never Rains in the Peruvian Desert, Vrai Magazine, July 2014
In Leopold’s Footsteps, New Mexico Magazine, July 2014

That One Time When I Nearly Got Runned Over by a Damned Old Train“, Vrai Magazine, June 2014
All Along the Arkansas River“, Peaks and Plains, Summer 2014trend_primary-logo
Eating Around the Wild Coast of Norway“, Vrai Magazine, May, 2014
“Get Off the Beaten Path”, Taos Visitor Guide, Summer 2014
“Hitch a Ride in the Sky”, Taos Visitor Guide, Summer 2014
“What’s in a Name? Would These Beverages be the Same?”, Taos Visitor Guide, Summer 2014
“Taos Scrapbook: Rio Grande del Norte National Monument”, Taos Visitor Guide, Summer 2014
Empty Bowls’ Helps Address Hunger Problem in Taos“, Tempo Magazine, May 1, 2014
12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Finland, Planetwarepeaks_cover_header
14 Top-Rated Attractions in Helsinki, Finland and Surroundings, Planetware
Top Rated Tourist Sites in New Mexico, Planetware
Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Roswell, New Mexico
Climate Change Adaptation Under the Tuscan Sun“, Vrai Magazine, April, 2014
Digging In. Learning to Love New Mexico the Hard Way“, New Mexico Magazine, April 2014
Up, Down, Up, Down AND AWAY!“, Peaks and Plains Magazine, Spring 2014
“Dr. Sylvia Villareal: Looking for Solutions Instead of Just Treating the Symptoms”, Taos Women, Taos News, March 1, 2014
“Dr. Kate O’Neill: Teaching Others to Fish”, Taos Women, Taos News, March 1, 2014
“Springtime at the Harwood Museum”, Tempo Magazine, February 21, 2014
A Way to Mend What is Broken“, Tempo Magazine, February 13, 2014
Taos Author Delves into the Hollywood of Memories“, Tempo Magazine, February 8, 2014
“Two Yellow Jackets”, Tempo Magazine, January 12, 2014
“Our Towns”, Ski Country, Winter 2013-2014
“Noel Ledoux”, Tempo Magazine, December 27, 2013
“Land of Merciless Beauty”, Tempo Magazine, December 19, 2013
Little Shop of Horrors Invades Taos,” Tempo Magazine, December 6, 2013
“Winter Hiking in El Rio Grande del Norte National Monument,” Taos Visitor’s Guide, Winter/Spring 2014
Photography: The Magic Hour of Winter,” Taos Visitor’s Guide, Winter/Spring 2014
Should Foreigners Pay More?“, Original World Insights, November 15, 2013
Taos Artist Peter Parks“, Tempo Magazine, November 6, 2013
2014 Angel Fire, New Mexico Visitor’s Guide
Come Fly Taos“, Tempo Magazine, October 26, 2013
Taos Museum Installs Peter Chinni Sculture“, Tempo Magazine, October 21, 2013
Chuck Henningsen: I’m Not Done Just Yet“, Tempo Magazine, October 2, 2013
A Kitchen Fit for a Great Chef“, Enchanted Homes Magazine (pp. 26-29), August 2013
10 Ancient Archaeological Sites for Your World Travel Bucket List,” Green Global Travel, July 17, 2013
Talpa Gardens: We had to grow dirt first,” Taos News, July 12, 2013
At the breakfast table with La Posada’s Michael Carter,” Taos News, July 8, 2013
Yab-yum spoils appetites at SMU-in-Taos,” Tempo Magazine, June 20, 2013
Taos Arts Council reveals need for communication and partnership,” Tempo Magazine, June 17, 2013
Inspiring Stories via Izilwane – Voices for Biodiversity, Taos News, June 6, 2013
The Wolf of Kago“, Travel Mindset, May 1, 2013
A Lucky Visit to the Best Madiran Winery“, Travel Mindset, May 1, 2013
On the Quetzales“, Izilwane, April 15, 2013
What to do about Barriles?”, Perceptive Travel, April 1, 2013
“Sight Unseen”, Tempo Magazine, March 14, 2013
“Corporeal/Intangible”, Tempo Magazine, March 14, 2013
Colors of the Cloud Forest“, The Ambler, March 14, 2013
Forgetting to Look for the Resplendent Quetzal“, Itevia, February 14, 2013
Buying a Mola in Panama City“, Itevia, January 20, 2013
Saints Be Preserved: Harwood Launches Effort to Keep Goler Santos in Taos“, Tempo Magazine, Dec. 13, 2012
“Neighbors Helping Neighbors:Concert Brings Focus to TaosFeedsTaos Program”, Tempo Magazine, Dec. 6, 2012
“Obscured Talent: Van Gogh Was So Much More”, Tempo Magazine, November 21, 2012
Marcus Evan’s Two-Wheeled Commute“, Taos News, November 15, 2012
Near Misses Keep Stories Interesting“, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, November 8, 2012
Hooked on a Feeling“, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, October 25, 2012
Taos’ Magpie Farms: Living close to the land on one acre“, Taos News, October 10, 2012
“Fleece to Fabric”, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, October 4, 2012
The Shape of Light“, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, September 13, 2012
“If You’re Paying for Something Good, You Should Get It”, Taos News, September 6, 2012
“Rooted in Ancient Custom”, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, August 30, 2012
“Funky Fashions”, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, August 30, 2012
A Visit to Taos’ Squash Blossom Farm“, Taos News, August 12, 2012
“Couse Foundation Acquires Couse-Sharp Historic Site”, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, July 23, 2012
Taos Pueblo Works to Keep Tiwa from Going to Sleep“, Tempo Magazine, Taos News, July 23, 2012
A Visit to the Living Light Farm“, Taos News, July 12, 2012
“A Dogs Life”, Taos News, July 5, 2012 Frack That!, Mesa Green Guide, 2012
A Whiff of Sustainability – The Benefits of Biogas“,  Taos News, May 10, 2012
“Food, Culture, Conservation”, Izilwane, February 2012
“Five Island Treasures of Finland’s Baltic Coast”, BootsnAll, February 2012
“San Francisco de Asis”, Destinations Travel Magazine, June 2011
“White Sands National Monument”Destinations Travel Magazine, May 2011
“Of Whale, Rotten Trout and Saithe Balls”, Destinations Travel Magazine, July 2011
Forward to “Nest – A Journey Thru Nature, A Way Back Home” 2011 – 2012 SILVER MEDAL ADDY AWARD
Book Review: “Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage”, Elginism, November, 2010
“This Don’t Take No Skill”. Ancient Digger, 2010
“Top 5 Best Kept Secrets About Taos, New Mexico”, Got Saga, 2011
“Top 5 Best Kept Secrets About Taos, New Mexico”, CheapOAir 2010
“Pallas-Yallas Tunturi National Park”, CheapOAir, 2010 “Wilderness and Water”, Taos Green Guide, 2008
“The Right Wing Offshore Drilling Scam”, Democracy for New Mexico, 2008
“Oil and Gas Industry to Pay for Archaeological Excavations in New Mexico?”, Democracy for New Mexico, 2008
“The Importance of Soil Quality”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“The Importance of Mulch”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“How To Water Seeds and Seedlings”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“How To Water Trees and Shrubs”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“Benefits of Irrigations Systems”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“Watering the Vegetable Garden”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“Rainwater Harvesting”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“Using Rain Barrels”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“How To Water During a Drought or Dry Season”, The Gardening Channel, 2008
“Sky Islands”, Suomen Luonto, April 2002
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“Monitoring the Effects of Ecological Restoration in the Carson National Forest, New Mexico” The Forest Trust and La Montaña de Truchas, 2001
“Cochiti Dam: An Evaluation of Sustainability” Sustainable Water Resources Development, Water Resources Publication WRP-1, 1998


Dailykos (2004-2009)
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BlueGreen (2007-2008)

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