Around the World in Eighty Year’s Best Pictures of 2019

It has been one of those years in which, if I didn’t have any photographs, I might not remember what all happened. It is never easy to choose the best pictures of any year but choosing the best pictures of 2019 was particularly challenging. It was a wild, roller-coaster of a ride where I took […]

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Beautiful Birds of Cuba

In Havana I joined a group of carpenters, plumbers and electricians for a game of dominoes. Actually, I just watched. There was no way I could compete with these guys. We shared around a bottle of rum. The men were off the clock, the work day over and they’d set a table in the street. […]

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10 Wildlife Photography Tips

One of the main reasons people love nature is the allure of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. Chances are you’re hoping to bring home a suite of stunning images that capture the essence of the place you’re visiting and the wildlife you encounter. You want images that help you remember your experience in greater […]

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Wildlife Photography Workshop in Costa Rica – April 2019

I’m teaming up again with Eat the Peach Travel to offer a 9-day wildlife photography workshop in Costa Rica April 27 – May 5, 2019. We will cover the basics of wildlife photography, ethics, conservation, learning your subject, knowing your equipment, how to capture birds in flight, patience, proper clothing, safety, photo editing and much, […]

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Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende Mexico Once there was an Aztec queen called Mictecacihuatl. She was known as the “Lady of the Dead”. When Mictecacihuatl was just an infant she was sacrificed and sent to the underworld to wed King Miclantecuhtl – the one who ruled the underworld. As the wife […]

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Cuba Travel Photography – How to Capture images of Cuba with Your Camera

Fresh Cuba Travel Photography – Havana Imagined Photography Workshop – November 2-9, 2019 Cuba is one of the most photogenic locations on the planet. With a unique, gritty atmosphere, welcoming people and a colorful, pulsating culture, Cuba is truly a photographer’s dream destination. It is a street photography heaven. While we’ve all seen images of Cuba full of the old American cars there is […]

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tours to Cuba

Tours to Cuba – Havana Imagined Photography Workshop and Tour November 2018

There is no better time to go to Cuba. And there is no better place for a photographer. Each November I lead a small-group photography workshop to Havana, Cuba. The next one is coming up soon! November 3-10, 2018. Sign up right now!  Here is a video I put together from the November 2017 workshop […]

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Can YOU Name These Old Cars in Cuba? – Photos of the Classic, Beat Up and All Stitched Together

Some like to say that Cuba is a country lost in time. Or suspended in time. That, of course, is silly. Watching Cubans Facebook and send pictures to each other on their smart phones will quickly cure you of any notion that the island hasn’t kept up with the modern world in many ways. This […]

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New Travel Rules to Cuba – Havana Imagined Photography Tour Meets all the Guidelines

In November 2017 President Trump changed the travel rules to Cuba. As with most things that come from the Trump Administration, there was a whole lot of bluster and very little bite. Still, there are some things to be aware of. Americans are still legally allowed to visit Cuba.  Apparently, the brief window of time […]

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Against the Green Wall – Cubans on the Move

I love people watching. I think that is also why I’m so in love with street photography. There are few things more intriguing than our fellow human beings. There are no two of us that are alike and I often find myself wondering what other’s lives are like. What motivates them? What inspires them? What […]

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Cuban Ballet Dancers – Havana Imagined

Perhaps the highlight of the first Havana Imagined photography tour I lead for Espiritu Travel was our afternoon at capturing images of Cuban ballet dancers at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Over the next two months I’ll post up collections of captures from our time in Havana. I’ll try to do one a week. Over the […]

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photography tours to cuba

Photography Tours: Cuba. Havana Imagined!

Havana Imagined! Join me for one of my photography tours to Cuba with Espiritu Travel. Good price, great fun, amazing shots! In November 2017 I will lead a 7-day, 8-night photography tour to Cuba through Espiritu Travel.  The Havana Imagined Photo Tour is ideal for both experienced and amateur photographers. We will spend 7 days […]

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