How to Travel the World Safely on Your Boat

It is often the dream of many boat owners to travel the world safely on their vessels. While it might seem like a pipe dream, it is more than possible; provided you follow some guidelines. After all, many manufacturers design their boats to pass the same regulations just about anywhere on the globe, which means […]

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An Earth In Crisis Is Still an Earth Worth Returning To

Later this week, one of the American astronauts aboard the International Space Station will return to Earth after many months in space. Yesterday, when asked how she feels about coming back to a planet wracked by climate change, a deadly pandemic and a host of other painful environmental problems she said: “An Earth in crisis […]

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How To Travel Through Southeast Asia On A Budget

How To Travel Through Southeast Asia On A Budget There are many reasons Southeast Asia is such an attractive destination for us Westerners. Its thousands of islands have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, perfect waves for surfing, and much more aesthetic beauty. Add to that the cultural experience, and you have […]

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Street Photography Ethics: Poverty Porn, Cuba, Embargoes, Foreign Policy and Justice

There is a very fine line between the creation of street photography art and poverty pornography. As a photographer, it is a very difficult and delicate balance to strike. I am not always successful. Sometimes, I don’t even know if I’m successful at striking that balance or if I’ve crossed the line. But I’m always […]

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Taos New Mexico Photography Workshops 2019

Hey all! I’m running Taos New Mexico Photography workshops for 2019 in conjunction with Taos Print and Photography Services. UPDATED December 14, 2019 All workshops are structured to support basic skills and advance individual techniques in both settings and composition. Our experienced guides put you in the New Mexico and Southern Colorado locations where you […]

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Travelling the world mindfully

  In 2017, 1.32 billion international travellers took to the skies to broaden their horizons. This marks a 60% rise in numbers since 1995, contributing factors include cheaper travel; a more globalised economy and exploding middle classes. China alone has 200 million new customers that are starting to use their newfound wealth for travelling over […]

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Wondering where in the world to go? Let Sports Tourism Be Your Guide

For sports fans, the years don’t get any better than 2018. With the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games behind us and the FIFA World Cup about to kick off in Russia, international sports events exemplify the best in humanity through competition and camaraderie. And the world loves to watch on television, online and for the fortunate, […]

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Best European cities to visit in 2018

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the alleys, nightlife and historical monuments of a new city. From medieval city-walled metropolises to sporting capital, through maritime wonders, we have selected our favorite European cities to visit in 2018. Check them out and find your perfect match for your upcoming adventure! Hamburg, Germany as a beautiful […]

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Celebrity Spotting in Palma

Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, Spain, has long been a destination for the rich and famous. Since the early 1800s, celebs have flocked to Palma, and that includes such names as Chopin and George Sand. Times have changed Palma over the last couple of hundred years, with the city becoming one of the top […]

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Exciting Summer Travel Options With Royal Holiday Vacations Club

The summer is a time to let loose, take off, and explore new horizons. Whether you’re in the mood for an exotic tour of South America, a few weeks in Asia, or a trip to Southern Mexico, Royal Holiday Vacation Club guarantees members the chance to make the best of their summer vacation. When it […]

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Why Traveling to Dubai Should Be a Priority

When the typical Westerner makes his or her bucket list of places to travel, Dubai isn’t typically a list-topper. There are many reasons for this. Dubai is a young city, by some criteria less than a century old. It doesn’t have the history or literary romanticisation of somewhere like Rome or Paris. But then, no […]

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photography tours to cuba

Havana Imagined! Join My Photography Tour to Cuba

Havana Imagined! You can join me for one of my photography trips to Cuba with Espiritu Travel. Good price, great fun, amazing shots! In November 2017 I will lead a 7-day, 8-night photography tour to Cuba through Espiritu Travel.  The Havana Imagined Photo Tour is ideal for both experienced and amateur photographers. We will spend […]

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