Bird Watching Rio Fernando Wetlands in Taos New Mexico

If you’re smart, you’ve made the choice to stay at home the past few weeks and you’ll be patient enough to stay at home a few weeks more. Our collective health is far more important that money. No life. No economy. We’ve limited our comings and goings to the public lands within thirty to forty […]

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Beautiful Birds of Cuba

In Havana I joined a group of carpenters, plumbers and electricians for a game of dominoes. Actually, I just watched. There was no way I could compete with these guys. We shared around a bottle of rum. The men were off the clock, the work day over and they’d set a table in the street. […]

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21 Beautiful Birds of New Mexico

I first noticed it two to three years ago. I just wasn’t seeing as many birds at my feeders as I had in previous years. Sure, they were still there but just fewer. Then I started noticing it in other areas of New Mexico and Colorado I visit frequently. At home this year, there just […]

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10 Wildlife Photography Tips

One of the main reasons people love nature is the allure of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. Chances are you’re hoping to bring home a suite of stunning images that capture the essence of the place you’re visiting and the wildlife you encounter. You want images that help you remember your experience in greater […]

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Wildlife Photography Workshop in Costa Rica – April 2019

I’m teaming up again with Eat the Peach Travel to offer a 9-day wildlife photography workshop in Costa Rica April 27 – May 5, 2019. We will cover the basics of wildlife photography, ethics, conservation, learning your subject, knowing your equipment, how to capture birds in flight, patience, proper clothing, safety, photo editing and much, […]

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What are the Best Hikes in Europe?

In spite of being the second smallest of all the continents, Europe is incredibly diverse. From the black sands and glacier capped mountains of Iceland to the coastal cliffs and turquoise sea of Sardinia, the best way to explore all these different landscapes is indisputably on foot. If you are unsure of where to start, […]

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Trump to Order Review of More Than 50 National Monuments

The word is that on Wednesday (April 26, 2017), President Trump will order a “review” of more than 50 National Monument designations covering more than a billion (yes, with a B) acres of public lands. Trump will do this via an Executive Order that directs the Department of the Interior to examine every national monument […]

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Help Protect Southeast New Mexico’s Wild Chihuahuan Desert

Last year I was lucky enough to work with Joelle Marier of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance as a conservation photographer on her project to protect the wildlands of south-eastern New Mexico. Now we have an update from Joelle on the work she is doing in the region. (All photos by Jim O’Donnell) ~ ~ ~ […]

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public lands action

Public Lands Action in Taos, New Mexico

On a weekday morning at 11am about 400 people gathered at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company in Taos, New Mexico to support public lands. “The National Monument is one of the best deals ever made,” said the Taos Pueblo War Chief, Curtis Sandoval. “Not just for us Native Americans but for anyone who enjoys freedom.” […]

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valle vidal

The Valle Vidal Geographic Area Proposal – Carson National Forest

A little more than 10 years ago the Valle Vidal Protection Act was signed into law by then-President Bush.  The act permanently protected the Valle Vidal unit of the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico from oil and gas development. Now, the Carson National Forest is revising their forest management plan. This is a […]

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conservation photography

World Wetland Day – the Wetland Jewels of Northern New Mexico

Today is World Wetlands Day. Wetlands are lands saturated with water all or part of the year. We know them by many different names. Marshes, bogs, swamps, morass, muskegs, sloughs, fens, fenlands, bayous and boglands.   I’m a big lover of wetlands. They are some of the worlds most productive ecosystems. Wetlands support an incredible […]

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land and water conservation fund

Now it is National Monuments Under Attack

The Republican attack on America’s public lands and our nation’s most important environmental laws continues. Now, some radical Utah legislators are pushing President Trump to reverse the Bears Ears National Monument designation and radically amend the boundaries of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, declared nearly a generation ago.   “We want to downsize some of […]

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