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Optional like system integrated for posts and Portfolio entries.


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Our powerful control center allows you to manage various aspects of your theme installation with a few clicks.

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Bird Watching Rio Fernando Wetlands in Taos New Mexico

If you’re smart, you’ve made the choice to stay at home the past few weeks and you’ll be patient enough to stay at home a few weeks more. Our collective health is far more important that money. No life. No economy. We’ve limited our comings and goings to the public lands within thirty to forty […]

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An Earth In Crisis Is Still an Earth Worth Returning To

Later this week, one of the American astronauts aboard the International Space Station will return to Earth after many months in space. Yesterday, when asked how she feels about coming back to a planet wracked by climate change, a deadly pandemic and a host of other painful environmental problems she said: “An Earth in crisis […]

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A Place Called Home

We hike almost every single morning. Like a prayer, we rise, eat lightly and hustle up the switchbacks of the trails that curl into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just beyond our house. The south-facing trails are dry and bathed in sunlight. The soil is fragrant with thaw: the scent of rain even on a […]

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Around the World in Eighty Year’s Best Pictures of 2019

It has been one of those years in which, if I didn’t have any photographs, I might not remember what all happened. It is never easy to choose the best pictures of any year but choosing the best pictures of 2019 was particularly challenging. It was a wild, roller-coaster of a ride where I took […]

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Beautiful Birds of Cuba

In Havana I joined a group of carpenters, plumbers and electricians for a game of dominoes. Actually, I just watched. There was no way I could compete with these guys. We shared around a bottle of rum. The men were off the clock, the work day over and they’d set a table in the street. […]

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21 Beautiful Birds of New Mexico

I first noticed it two to three years ago. I just wasn’t seeing as many birds at my feeders as I had in previous years. Sure, they were still there but just fewer. Then I started noticing it in other areas of New Mexico and Colorado I visit frequently. At home this year, there just […]

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Street Photography Ethics: Poverty Porn, Cuba, Embargoes, Foreign Policy and Justice

There is a very fine line between the creation of street photography art and poverty pornography. As a photographer, it is a very difficult and delicate balance to strike. I am not always successful. Sometimes, I don’t even know if I’m successful at striking that balance or if I’ve crossed the line. But I’m always […]

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El Centro Infantil De Los Angeles de San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

When I was twenty-three years old I purposely became homeless for two weeks. I wanted to challenge my privilege as a college-educated white man. I wanted to challenge beliefs I held about homelessness and people-in-need in general. I was also a young wanna-be anthropologist who believed that anthropology, despite its past, could be a force […]

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10 Wildlife Photography Tips

One of the main reasons people love nature is the allure of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. Chances are you’re hoping to bring home a suite of stunning images that capture the essence of the place you’re visiting and the wildlife you encounter. You want images that help you remember your experience in greater […]

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Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende Mexico Once there was an Aztec queen called Mictecacihuatl. She was known as the “Lady of the Dead”. When Mictecacihuatl was just an infant she was sacrificed and sent to the underworld to wed King Miclantecuhtl – the one who ruled the underworld. As the wife […]

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Can YOU Name These Old Cars in Cuba? – Photos of the Classic, Beat Up and All Stitched Together

Some like to say that Cuba is a country lost in time. Or suspended in time. That, of course, is silly. Watching Cubans Facebook and send pictures to each other on their smart phones will quickly cure you of any notion that the island hasn’t kept up with the modern world in many ways. This […]

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Published! Chaos of Hard Clay – An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Chaos of Hard Clay is Published! Somewhere within the fits of reason that assailed her, Sunny caught a glimpse of the boy. There, between the sleeping and the dreaming, she knew she always would. “I saw him again.” “Oh?” The nurse pulled a thin blanket over Sunny’s shoulders. Sunny lay in a deep chair, curled […]

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Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym in Havana, Cuba

There is a scene in the incredible and heartbreaking Cuban movie “Viva” where the father of Jesús, the main character, visits an old Havana boxing gym. When I saw the movie I thought: Wow! THAT is a place I’ve got to photograph! The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym is the oldest boxing gym in Havana. It […]

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Havana Fishermen of the Malecón – Survival in Cuba

Abdel was stressed. He hadn’t caught anything in two days and his wife had yelled at him in the morning.  “This is my vacation,” he said. He was sarcastic and bitter. “It is also my working mornings, my working evenings and every day I have off from my job. And she just yells at me.” […]

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Against the Green Wall – Cubans on the Move

I love people watching. I think that is also why I’m so in love with street photography. There are few things more intriguing than our fellow human beings. There are no two of us that are alike and I often find myself wondering what other’s lives are like. What motivates them? What inspires them? What […]

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Cuban Ballet Dancers – Havana Imagined

Perhaps the highlight of the first Havana Imagined photography tour I lead for Espiritu Travel was our afternoon at capturing images of Cuban ballet dancers at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Over the next two months I’ll post up collections of captures from our time in Havana. I’ll try to do one a week. Over the […]

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Society, Collapse, Art and Transformation – Getting to Utopia

Let’s be perfectly honest. Ruins are awesome. There is something utterly fascinating about the idea of a complete societal collapse. Half wild men and women eeking out a life amid violence, desperation and the decaying ruins of the great civilization that came before.  ~ Today’s popular culture is awash in dystopian, civilizational collapse thought experiments. […]

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review New York 2140

Book Review New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Review New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson My rating: 2 of 5 stars New York 2140 is not a very good book. Let me get that out-of-the-way right up front. I’m always really torn with this author. I have read many interviews with Kim Stanley Robinson (KSR) and have listened to a slew of […]

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Who Should Pay for Climate Disasters?

Massive weather events are ever more costly. The 2003 European heatwave killed tens of thousands and cost an estimated 13 billion euros (approx. $16 billion USD). Hurricane Katrina cost $250 Billion. Harvey and Irma are expected to each total about the same. The southeast Asian floods will cost tens of billions to societies that can […]

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You’re Scaring the Crap Out of Me – And it Isn’t Helpful

By now, many of you have read David Wallace-Wells 7,300-word hellfire and brimstone climate change essay in the New York Magazine. If you haven’t, you should. The essay is a nihilistic, nightmarish, stomach-churning dive into all the possible ways our planet might respond to human-induced climate change. From out-of-control diseases released from glaciers to mass […]

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From Economist to Millionaire: The Cuba Tourism Boom is Drawing Professionals to Leave Their Jobs for Better Opportunities

Cuba Tourism Boom is Drawing Professionals to Leave Their Jobs for Better Opportunities Last year the United States began dismantling the last remaining barriers to Americans travelling to Cuba, contributing to an estimated 3.5 million visitors in 2016 as Americans flocked to what had been for so long a forbidden country – for Americans at least. […]

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The Last Day. Three Perfect Days in Trinidad, Cuba – Day Three

Day Three – Three Perfect days in Trinidad, Cuba Three perfect days in Trinidad, Cuba – Day One Three perfect days in Trinidad, Cuba – Day Two It was another morning on the rooftop of Media Luna. The third of my three perfect days in Trinidad, Cuba. While she scrambled my eggs, Gela told me that in […]

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Trinidad in Cuba

Three Perfect Days in Trinidad, Cuba – Day Two

Day Two – Trinidad, Cuba Trinidad Cuba Day One North of Trinidad the Sierra del Escambray winds its way across the landscape for about 90 kilometers. The mountain range is Cuba’s second largest and looks somewhat like the battlements along a castle wall. The mountains are not particularly high but they are steep. The valleys […]

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trinidad in cuba

Three Perfect Days: Trinidad in Cuba – Day One

  You hear it said that the Cuban capital of Havana is a metropolis stuck in the 1950s. If that excites you then the Caribbean coastal town of Trinidad in Cuba will be an added thrill. The 500-year old settlement of cobblestone streets at the base of Sierra Escambray was founded by Spanish conquistador Diego […]

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The Stark Disparity of Mobility in International Travel

“While some travelers – whether executives, “expats” or tourists- are celebrated for their powers to shrink distances and connect territories, others are fretted about for the same reasons.” – Dr. Ruben Andersson, London School of Economics and Political Science in “Illegality, Inc.” (2014) This is about travel. Who gets to travel and who doesn’t. In all my […]

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cloud for pictures

Well, Clouds

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at Vrai Magazine “Clouds suit my mind just fine.” – Marie Lu, Champion A few weeks ago, I crawled into a cave. I saw a cloud carved into the soft volcanic tuft that sheltered this particular cavern and a number of others nearby. All are similar and the mountain […]

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Tourism's Suicide

Tourism’s Suicide …?

Recently, the Costa Rican Times reported a slight problem. Apparently, a massive influx of tourists to the Ostional Wildlife Reserve was having a negative impact on the ability of the critically endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle to lay their eggs.  And why were all these tourists there? Well, to see the turtles lay their eggs. […]

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The Boundaries of the Sacred – A Visit to Zuni Pueblo

NOTE: This article was origionally published in the April 2015 issue of Vrai Magazine as a two-part series. ~ ~ ~ On a breezy late-June morning, Tom Kennedy, the Director of the Zuni Tourism Program at the remote western New Mexico Native American pueblo stands atop the remains of the ancient Zuni town of Hawikku, […]

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ecotourism costa rica

Ecotourism Costa Rica – The Impacts on Three Guides

It is hard to deny that ecotourism has benefited the nation of Costa Rica in a great number of ways.  The ecotourism boom began in the mid-1980s and really took off in the 1990s with 800,000 foreigners visiting the Central American nation in 1995, 1.03 million in 1999 and an astounding 2.34 million in 2012, […]

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deforestation in panama

Deforestation in Panama

Deforestation in Panama In January 2013 I spent several days hiking the cloud forest trails of the Chiriquí highlands with a Panamanian friend. Deep in one of the national forest a group of Ngäbe-Buglé children found us sitting on a log. They didn’t speak Spanish and desperately wanted to fill our hands with flowers they had […]

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the river arno

Should Foreigners Pay More? Damn Straight.

Should foreigners pay more? That was the question back at the beginning of summer when a heated discussion ensued among travel bloggers on Facebook. At the center of the debate was the tendency of some world governments to charge foreign visitors more than locals to enter a national monument, archaeological site or wildlife park. The […]

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How to Travel the World Safely on Your Boat

It is often the dream of many boat owners to travel the world safely on their vessels. While it might seem like a pipe dream, it is more than possible; provided you follow some guidelines. After all, many manufacturers design their boats to pass the same regulations just about anywhere on the globe, which means […]

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