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EcoAdventure Media – Time for Responsible Travel


As with all addictions, there is a love-hate relationship that develops.

You love to travel and become addicted to it but if you are even the least-bit conscious you can easily see that your impact as a tourist is more often than not, destructive.

But you can’t stay home and tourism will happen.

I want to support the quality of my destination through my own responsible travel. Thats why I’ve long promoted eco-tourism and GeoTourism. That is, I want to support the people of the places I visit as they have every right to enjoy a thriving economy and healthy lifestyle that is culturally appropriate for them. Further, I want to be sure that when I visit the far-flung reaches of the globe that I am respectful of local customs and the local environment.

By promoting a virtuous cycle in which tourist dollars provide an incentive to locals to protect the very reason tourists come I see a way for diversity to survive and thrive in the age of rapid cultural hegemony.

That is why I eagerly joined EcoAdventure Media.

responisble travel
Lost-ish in Lapland (photo courtesy Daniel Rigamonti)

Responsible Travel

EcoAdventure Media was established as a strong collaboration between travel bloggers, journalists, photographers, and social media experts.

Our mission is to increase awareness of sustainable adventure travel options and promote eco-tourism by working together with companies and destinations that have those same goals.

We want to inspire our readers to travel in an environmentally and culturally responsible way.


responsible travel
With Muslim fishermen on the Arabian Sea Coast, Karnataka, India

Our diverse team is made up of 13 different travel blogs that focus on a wide variety of responsible travel topics. Together we cover adventure travel, ecotourism, cultural experiences, outdoor recreation, nature/wildlife, family vacations, and more.

• Jim O’Donnell from Around the World in Eighty Years
• Matt Karsten, the Expert Vagabond
• Mariellen Ward from Breathe Dream Go
• Mike McColl from Ethical Traveler
• Bret Love & Mary Gabbett from Green Global Travel
• Barbara Weibel from Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel 
• Matt Gibson from
• Michael Turtle from Time Travel Turtle
• Cristina & Hal from Travel For Wildlife
• Ethan Gelber from The Travel Word
• Jen Miner from The Vacation Gals
• Jessie & Ed from Wandering Educators
• Caz & Craig from yTravel Blog


responisble travel
Portobelo, Panama

I’m not only very excited to be a part of this group, I am very humbled that this little blog was asked to join.  I can’t wait to work with these folks on new responsible travel projects.

Please follow us. Our brand-spanking new website is up. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

responsible travel
Old Goa, India


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