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UFO Tourism in New Mexico

Ok. So, I swear this happened. Seriously. I swear it.

One night a few years ago I was camped out by myself among the pinyon and junipers on a ridge up on the Pajarito Plateau west of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was on or about the night of the full moon and I couldn’t sleep. I crawled out of the tent to find the moon illuminating the seemingly endless layers of west to east running canyons that cut through the volcanic layers of the ancient volcano. I walked to the edge of the nearest canyon.

Below me, just above the tree-tops was a rapidly moving…thing. It was black. I’m not really sure of the shape. It was round-ish but not just round. There were no lights and the only reason I could see it was because it reflected the moonlight. It made no sound whatsoever.

No, I hadn’t been drinking or smoking or sniffing or licking anything, thank you very little. AND…and… this was in the days before I had kids so I wasn’t sleep-deprived then like I am now.

This thing flew up the canyon – silently – to where the cut became shallow and narrow then lifted straight up over the rim and blasted its way towards State Highway 4 and then into the Valles Caldera.

I spent the rest of the night laying awake in the tent worried that whoever was in that machine had seen me and might be coming back for me. I wasn’t sure what was worse, some Defense Department black-ops guys dragging me out of my tent and disappearing me into a brain-cleansing center or some aliens beaming me up to remove my intestines like they did to those cows…

The truth is out there and Hostel Bookers offers a list of great places to find UFOs around the world but when it comes to UFO tourism, there are few places in the world that can top my New Mexico.

UFO tourism new mexico

Of course you’ve heard of Roswell but did you know about Midway? Dulce? Archuleta Mesa, Albuquerque, Interstate 40? What about my home? Taos?

Oooooooo…..I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Well not really but maybe I should!

For UFO Tourism New Mexico is the place to be.

~ ~ ~

The Truth is Out There

First we have the famous Roswell. In July of 1947 something crashed near Roswell in southeastern New Mexico. Most likely the something was a military surveillance balloon but there are a heck of a lot of people who think the something was an alien spacecraft and that several alien bodies were recovered by the military from the crash site. Controversy. Conspiracy. Roswell has it all and a visit to the Roswell UFO Museum is a must.

In March 1994 just a bit south of Roswell Jose Escamilla filmed 16 minutes of UFO activity in the middle of the day. Two weeks later they came back but this time Jose caught something he didn’t expect. They weren’t insects, they weren’t birds…they were The Rods.

Then there were the cops near Socorro south of Albuquerque who saw a burning object in an arroyo and went to investigate. It turned out to be a shiny whitish object, shaped like an “O” with legs….and little green men were crawling out!!! They pulled their guns and went closer. The little men scrambled into the craft and flew away.

Albuquerque itself is ranked #15 in the USA for UFO sightings. Heading west from Albuquerque along Interstate 40 towards Flagstaff, Arizona you find the hottest highway in the nation for UFO sightings.

Whirling groups of lights have been seen over Santa Fe all this summer. June this year saw sightings of triangular lights over Farmington and even here in Taos we had a report of a “parallelogram shaped bright, white light low on the horizon, flashed twice.”

And then there are the cows. Oh my. The cows.

Part of the reasons we have so many aliens flying around New Mexico is because they actually do have a base just west of Taos at Archuleta Mesa.

In 1979 an Albuquerque businessman named Bennewitz began intercepting signals from alien spacecraft. They were communicating with someone on the ground. After a few years of searching he discovered their secret underground base in the mountains near Dulce on the Colorado-New Mexico border. UFO specialists confirmed the find. After a fire-fight between the aliens and US special forces (no…come on now…this is serious!) the aliens and the US government joined forces to conduct genetic experiments in the so-called “Nightmare Hall”. Locals are so freaked out they won’t talk about what they’ve seen.

So the story goes.

Come on out! We got UFO Tourism New Mexico galore!!

Not to mention Bigfoot …..


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