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From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall: Travelers Best, Worst and Most Ridiculous Stories From the Road

“We made our way down the street and arrived at the first intersection where one of the soldiers, who under the dark street lights looked to be only about 15 years old, placed his hand on my chest as a warning to stop. The other officer pulled a whistle strung to his hat and blew, a high pitch
ring that shot through the tense night air. Within a second or two a reciprocal whistle came from up the road, and upon hearing it we crossed. At the second road the same procedure was followed, and as we heard the whistle we all breathed a sigh and crossed. However, at the third intersection our whistle received no reply. The guard scanned the scene with a slight hint of fear in his eyes before again blowing his whistle. I will never forget the sound I heard next: a whistle. Not the whistle from a plastic noise maker but the whistling sound of a bullet flying past my ear before it crashed into the soft cement wall of the street store behind us…”

From the outlandish and unimaginable to the routine and universal, world travelers get thrust (or thrust themselves) into just about every situation you could possibly think of. With “From The Grand Canyon To The Great Wall: Travelers´ Best, Worst And Most Ridiculous Stories From The Road,” author and editor David Slenk has collected 67 of those creative, unique, interesting, touching, disastrous moments – in short, the best travel writing stories our travels have provided us.

Stories from 54 different authors that take place in 45 different countries from all around the world.

Travel is a very powerful thing – whether your travel experience is full of one-week vacations, year-long globetrotting jaunts, missionary work or military deployment, travel affects everyone in both positive and negative ways. It shapes who we are and how we see the world. It exposes us to different cultures and new sights, and helps us connect with people we would never otherwise meet. It also brings with it scores of incredible nights, interesting conversations, brutal mistakes, and maybe even a handful of life-long friends.

So, are you a 100% self-confessed world traveler seeking inspiration for your next trip? Want to see how your worst mistake ranks with some of our most epic disasters? Or maybe you´re hoping to understand a bit of the life of a globe-trotter? Looking for travel books to inspire for a trip of your own – or looking forward to wincing at our mistakes and self-inflicted problems, totally satisfied living with a/c, hot water and no language barriers to trip you up? Or maybe you just want to read a bunch of well-crafted, quick-hitting, entertaining stories from around the world? Grand To Great brings our huge, wild world home with an outstanding collection of stories, experiences, and thoughts from around the globe.

Stories that will make you laugh, cry, and think. Experiences that will inspire you to get up and create your own story – either right here at home or out in the farthest reaches of our world. So join David and authors from the USA, The Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, England and so many more countries on their never-ending trip around the globe – for better or worse, one amazing adventure after another.

“From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall: Travelers Best, Worst and Most Ridiculous Stories From the Road” is available both in traditional book format as well as an E-Book.


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