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Glamping Hub Celebrates 15,000 Accommodations with Beach Camping

Travelers worldwide—if you have yet to experience this new and unique travel trend, it’s time to go glamping. A portmanteau based on glamorous and camping, glamping brings adventurers and travelers the opportunity to experience nature from the comfort of a one-of-a-kind luxury accommodation. As summer comes to an end and guests look for that perfect end of summer getaway, Glamping Hub has provided the top 5 spots to go beach glamping across the globe to end the season right. No matter what part of the world you find yourself in, these are the top places to hit the beach, visit a unique accommodation, and embrace nature at its finest.

1. USA

For glampers looking for a coastal getaway, the USA is a prime destination, with over 1,000 beach accommodations to choose from. Amid a sea of tree houses, yurts, and safari tents—each with epic views of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans—glampers will feel a true sense of relaxation and peace settled into the heart of nature. Whether it’s California’s beachy waves and endless sandy shores or New York’s tranquil lakes and bays, there is a rental best suited for each and every type of traveler in the U.S.

Hawaii’s Most Luxurious Villa

2. Canada

Head further north and take a gander at the gorgeous cottages, tents, and yurts that are hidden in the wilderness along the Canadian coast.

For our northern adventurers, why not take a gander over to the Canadian coast where several cottages, tents, and yurts hidden in the wilderness await your arrival? Enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific from our hundreds of accommodations situated in British Columbia or venture onwards to the East Coast for a refreshing break by the Atlantic. Glampers will surely find the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation through an unforgettable beach getaway on one of the Canadian coasts.

Canada’s Most Scenic Tented Cabin

3. Mexico

Still searching for that tropical destination getaway? Look no further than the sunny, bright beaches of Mexico. Our several accommodations located along the Mexican coast offer an all-year-round invite where glampers can enjoy one of the most popular beach destinations in the world in a whole new light. Take a break from the typical hotel vacation by reaping the benefits of a unique, secluded campsite with all the same luxuries. The remarkable beaches of Mexico are truly the perfect pairing to the unique experience that is glamping.

Mexico’s Most Stunning Tree House

4. U.K.

An unlikely, yet refreshing coastal recommendation for glampers is the United Kingdom. Nothing defines a home away from home more than finding a secluded cottage on the UK Isle. Better yet, head southwards to find a vast selection of luxury bell tents and tree houses—adding a hint of adventure to your getaway. To the west, take in the miles of beautiful coastline while still having access to some of England’s most charming towns. Take advantage of the U.K. shoreline and make the best of the experience by turning it into a glamping opportunity.

The U.K.’s Most Mobile Glamping Accommodation

5. Australia

It’s time to head down under to enjoy some quality time by the ocean on Australia’s beautiful coastline. Whether you’re looking to get away from the stresses of city life or are in need of a new adventure, the Gold Beach is the place to be. A stroll along the sandy shoreline and a dip in the ocean is all it takes to rejuvenate yourself. Take your pick from caravans, tents, tree houses, and more—all readily available to you on or near the endless beaches of Australia.

Australia’s Most Tropical Beach Cottage

It’s never too late to have your very own beach glamping getaway.

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