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Great Bear Nature Tours – Grizzly Watching

source: wikipedia

by Daniel Mathews, copywriter of

While traveling to different countries in last few years, I always make sure to explore the unique wild life in their natural habitat. I am most interested in nature and wildlife instead of other leisure activities during my trips. The diversity of wildlife across the globe always fascinates me. While traveling to Canada this year, the highlight of my tour was experiencing the bears and other wild life in open in the North of the country after the experience of Niagara Falls.

I have already made a reservation with the Great Bear Nature Tours through their website. As I was traveling in June, there was not much issue with the availability. The tour offers grizzly bear and other wildlife viewing through May to October that is summer season in Canada. It turned out to be a really wise decision as my experience with the Great Bear Nature Tours was amazing. The staff was friendly and the service they provided was excellent. The tour is rightly rated by the National Geographic as one of the best tour companies operating in North America.

Beside the wildlife experience and an opportunity to view grizzly bears, black bears, bald eagles and wolves in their natural habitat, you can also experience traveling to some of the beautiful places on earth that include the scenic River Valley, Port Hardy and Great Bear Rainforest. As I am a traveler, blogger and photographer at the same time, the entire experience with the Great Bear Nature Tours was amazing. I had plenty of time to take picture of wildlife from close distances, great scenery, mountains and rivers.

The tour also offers ecotourism, so you can also contribute in betterment of world with your money. Eco tourism is becoming popular around the globe and people like me always take special interest in eco tourism and activities related. As I was traveling in June, considered as high season, I was accompanied by the sixteen tourists that is also a maximum limit for one tour. The food served during our stay was also excellent. The service was personalized as the number of tourists is limited to the manageable 16.

Beside all the natural beauty and wildlife experience, the tour was also a good opportunity for me to learn about the wildlife in Canada and the eco system that supports the local population of brown bears. Beside learning and viewing the wildlife, I also had a chance to take great pictures for my wildlife collection. I witnessed some large bears playing in water, fighting and eating their food. Brown bears were amazingly bigger in size than many other bears I witnessed in many other parts of the world. According to our guide, the reason is the abundance of healthy food available for the bears in this region that makes them stronger and bigger.

The guides accompanying us were also very knowledgeable about the area, best places to visit, history of the region and all the necessary information about the local wildlife. I learned many interesting facts about the wildlife in Canada that were not known to me before. We went for beer viewing sessions every morning and afternoon, twice a day during our stay. Our guides make sure that we can view the bears when they are most active. The viewing is always blind for bears so photographers like me always can take some of the best pictures while beers are busy with their stuff without any hint of our presence.

I really enjoyed when the tour arrange a boat session. It was amazing and a great opportunity for me to take some great pictures of beers and surrounding natural beauty. It was a great experience watching beers in the river or at the banks of the river hunting for fish. During your trip, you also have a chance to view some other animals living in the same area. There are plenty of other animals to view and take pictures. During my visit, I also took pictures of some other animals like bald eagles, harbor seals, mink, pine martens, river otters, black bears and wolves.

During my stay, I enjoyed both bus and boat rides, but traveling on boat was amazing. All in all, I would like to come and visit the place again. If you are traveling to Canada for the natural beauty and wildlife, you cannot ignore traveling to the West of the country to view brown bears in their natural habitat. The best tour to get you to the place is without doubt Great Bear Nature Tours.


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