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Plan a Memorable Food Trip to Utah 

Plan a Memorable Food Trip to Utah 

Utah is known for many things and the array of delicacies it serves up with practiced finesse and expertise is just one of them. So, if you are a traveler and a foodie planning on taking a life-changing food journey through this rocky red land that somehow is bursting with incredible flavors, here is a list of places you can stick to while at it.

Just remember to check out and book one of the luxurious vacation homes in Utah, so that you can just crash into the loving arms of a soft bed after you have worked hard all day to gain a massive food belly.

Wine Moab and Castle Creek

Begin your long food journey of the day by going to the local farmer’s market in Moab. One thing to keep in mind while visiting is that it is best to visit during the harvest season, which starts in August. During that time, watch the farmers’ market as it bursts into a riot of colors and flavors.  It is incredible to see how these hard-working farmers coax out delicious produce from this rocky red desert.

Right from the moment you visit the market, you will realize that buying and selling fresh produce is not the only thing going on here. The market is also known for its fresh meat, produce and dairy. And as you are settling down to enjoy the snacks you just bought, you may let the crafty artists, dancers, musicians and Taiko drummers take you to a different land against the backdrop of a sandy red desert sea.

But in case you missed harvest season and the market is not running, do not be disappointed. Head directly to the Moonflower co-op before continuing your journey.

After a long morning partaking of local snacks and drinks and watching the dancers twirl, you may head on to the Red Cliffs Lodge and the Castle Creek winery. The lodge itself looks like it has come right out of a picturesque classic Hollywood film. It has a homely rustic charm to it and serves as a base camp for adventure-lovers. But since the only adventure you seek on this journey is flavor-related, you would be glad to know that this is also the home of the award-winning and highly popular Castle Creek winery. So, buy yourself a bottle or two of this fine wine and traipse through the film museum, letting the colors and feel of the old-timey classics take over. Doesn’t get any better than that now, does it?

Capitol Reef

If you just could not wait to taste new flavors and woke yourself up early in excitement, you will have had made it here by breakfast. And if you did, you will have enough time to melt from the goodness served up as breakfast at Tamarisk. The next stop would be Mesa farm market but before that, you might want to take a breather and unwind at the Green River foodie. The food available here is comfortable yet flavorful. This serves as a pit stop for many travelers journeying to various hotspots in Utah.

food trip to utah
Photo: Capitol Reef by Jim O’Donnell

In midst of all the touristy hubbub and noise, the Mesa farm market serves as an oasis of good food and comfort. The farm sells salads, local cheese, fresh fruits and breads-all of which have been coxed out of the rigid soil by local farmers. So, let your tongue take you on a journey as you partake of this local and homely style food that the market serves for foodies and travelers.

And no, we are not done yet. As if all that wasn’t enough, here is another chance to pamper your tummy and tickle your artistic fancy at the same time. Head to Gifford Homestead and lightly tread back in time and watch life unfold in Capitol Reef as it slowly bursts into being. But make sure you do not get lost enough to forget to taste a piece of freshly baked pie here. Its taste will remind you that yes, God exists and yes, he is kind.

 Torrey and Boulder

The delightful little town of Torrey might not seem like much but has a few surprises in store. Before you journey to Boulder, stop in this town for a taste of all those unusual flavors that brought you all the way to the southwest. Start by picking at the quaint and tasty treats available here, including the handmade and fresh ice-cream. But it is the rattlesnake, a delicacy here, that will take your breath away. Who said foodies couldn’t be adventurous?

Now get ready for a very iconic road trip that seems right out of a movie. Boulder’s weekly market is full of fresh and quaint flavor and delicacies that will fill up your cooler and keep you stocked on your journey. But it is the annual art festival at Escalante that you should watch out for. If you can, plan your trip accordingly because you do not want to miss this rainbow-hued magical journey at an art festival.

For some major food explosion and exploration, your next stop should definitely be Hell’s backbone grill. And let us tell you that this place will take your road trip from iconic to epic. Everything it serves comes from the proprietor’s very own organic farm and fruit trees that are nothing less than heirlooms. The menu dances between the very different flavors from Pueblo Indian, the western range and the southwestern, and receives rave reviews while at it. We suggest that you do not miss this even if your life depends on it. And call in for reservations before going in.

So, that’s it. Everything on that list should take you at least 3 days to finish but, just in case you have a little more time on your hands, there are several other options that you should check out. Different corners of Utah are bursting with different and unique flavors and quaint little treats so you might want to slow down and make sure you do not miss anything. After all, what kind of self-respecting foodie would want to miss out on the dance-off between flavors that is the food in Utah?


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