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Dystopian Rio Grande Gorge Bridge – My Shot of the Day, August 13, 2012

 Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Dystopian Taos at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge 

Some might get upset at my characterization of the mass of ad hoc vendors on the west edge of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge as “dystopian” but there is surely something Mad Max-ish about the whole scene.

“Circus” would not be a reach.

I mean no disrespect.  These hard-working folks add great character to any visit to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  Simply put, they make it a much more fun experience.

For over 30 years the vendors, extremely small-time operators dependent on the tourists who stopped for the view 900Rio Grande Gorge Bridge feet down in the the gorge, ran business on the east rim in wide, welcoming parking areas.  About two years ago, under


intense debate, these vending areas were barricaded and closed. The vendors relocated to a much less safe area on either side of the state highway on the west end of the bridge.  Tourist parking areas were shut down and the whole scene become just that much more of a ….  well, dystopian circus.

After everyone has gone home and the walking rain moves across the Tres Orejas dragging virga in its wake, only the ice cream and coffee bus remains.


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