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Best Cruise Destinations For Different Times Of The Year

There are lots of things you need to consider when planning on going on a holiday. You need to consider when especially with cruises and some destinations are limited by their extreme weather. The following article lists the best destinations to visit depending on the time of year.


Cruise Alaska. Image Courtesy :

This destination has the shortest cruise season, only between May and September do ships dare to travel through its North waters. May is the driest month and therefore is the best time to explore and go on tours to the see the amazing and monumental glaciers. June through to August have the warmest weather, this is the most popular time to go cruising so be prepared for crowds.


This is a year-round destination but it’s still best to go when the coder months are occurring in the northern hemisphere. December through to April is the driest months and therefore provides you with a lot of opportunities to take advantage of the weather and go on tours. If you’re on a budget and looking to save money than going during later summer and fall is going to be the best option. Keep in mind this is because this is the start of hurricane season.


April through to November is the time for Bermuda cruises. This is beach season so it really does make sense. To go to Bermuda and not go to a beach would be a crime. The summer months can be more expensive because this is when everyone wants to go so try going around spring. You’ll still be able to enjoy the weather and beached but also be able to find some bargains. Bermuda has temperate weather all year round anyway.


You can’t lump all of its countries together, it is just such a large continent. The Mediterranean cruise season runs from April through November. Northern Europe and Baltic cruises have a shorter season running from May to October, while the warmer Greek islands and Canary Islands see cruise ships between March and December. So you can pretty much visit some area of Europe all year round, good news.


You can explore the islands year round. Summer and fall are the best times to visit however. This is when it gets the least amount of rain. This means more time to be spent on the beach. Summer does tend to be school holiday and honeymoon season so you have been warned. The cheapest time is from November to February if you are looking to save some money and avoid the crowds of tourist.
There are plenty of bargains around and the time of year is the decider. You can even get cheap cruise deals from Perth. You just need to look into your planned destination, what seasons are popular and what the weather is like.


Written by Jasmine Poole

Jasmine has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia.

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