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Dragonfly Photos Are Nice. My Shot of the Day. June 27, 2012

dragonfly photos


Dragonfly Photos

My son and I sat next to the Rio Grande fishing this morning with our friends David and Ian after a glorious night under the stars. A helicopter passed overhead and there was a hint of smoke wafting up from the south.  There was a wind and it was hot but the air over the pathetically thin river was just cool enough and the water just cold enough to keep us from

dragonfly photos

heading for higher ground.

It was a fabulous morning and this damsel landed right next to us.

Meanwhile, Colorado Springs, Colorado – just 45 miles north of my home town – was on the edge of catastrophe.

As I write this, the catastrope is under way. Hundreds of homes are on fire. Friends and family are evacuated. Tomorrow will only be worse.

A conservative friend yelled “don’t try to politicize this!”. Well hell, if an American city burning to the ground isn’t political, I don’t know what is.

Dragonfly photos can soothe the spirit, I guess, but the west is on fire.  Climate change is for real.  I think there was more than a little guilt inside today.


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