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Late Winter Snow in New Mexico – My Shot of the Day – February 28 2013

snow in new mexico

Snow in New Mexico is vital for both people and the environment.

Spring is soon on its way and overall, we are way low as far as the snow we need. Still, the last week saw several snow storms come through, dumping some much-needed moisture on our overly dry mountains.

These are the times of crisp, white snow against that amazing high-altitude blue sky we love.  I love taking these shots.  the contrast is just amazing.  The snow-covered trees and mountains kind of smack the eyes against that blue.

Anyway, there might be hope, moisture-wise. Late winter snow in New Mexico is key to keeping drought at bay and we are in year three of a drought so fingers are crossed. A few more good storms might put us in a better place for the onset of spring. Climatologists warn, however, that this snow we have now isn’t enough to break the multi-year drought we’ve had.

Currently, the statewide average precipitation amount is only 49% of normal. Yikes. The central valley has been the driest at 26% of normal. Our area near the Colorado border has been the ‘wettest’ area at 57% of normal.  That simply won’t cut it.

The National Weather Service states that the past 24 months are the driest and warmest ever recorded in New Mexico.  In fact, much of the country is under drought conditions.  The latest New Mexico drought monitor map is here.

The past two springs have been dry. Very dry. Will we have another one? It would make for a devastating fire season this summer.

The Climate Prediction Center is not optimistic.


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