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Spring Reflection – My Shot of the Day – April 11, 2013

 spring reflection


I wasn’t terribly impressed with this spring reflection image to be honest. Apparently, others were.

I still find it just a bit mediocre…..

(I like this one alot better)

On Sundays the kids and I always head out into the world looking for some adventure to have.  Sometimes we will venture far afield into other parts of the state or even into southern Colorado depending on the whim. Sometimes, we don’t ever get far from home.  It seems like, no matter what, we always find something cool. There is always something we didn’t know about.  Something we’ve never seen before. Someone we’ve never met. We always have an incredible time and we are always bummed to come home and get back to the routine of the week.

Last Sunday we decided just to tool around Taos on our bikes, picnic in the park, fly the kite and just see what is out there.

Back and away east of Kit Carson Park there is a pond and formal garden at an art gallery.  It is a pretty hidden little place.

The air was full of tiny hatching bugs that smacked into your eyeballs when you walked to close to the pond.  The air was warm, there was breeze higher up in the elms and aspens, the ice had melted, my kids found seeds and sticks and blossoms and moss. ..

All the wonders of nature at the cusp of bloom.

…in the pond I saw the perfect moment of spring.  The water color was warm, the sun played behind the clouds, the water was nearly still, the tree in a perfect reflection and just about to put out the first of its leaves…and there was my boy, who has a tendency to fall into ponds and rivers, pulling up his pants legs (but not taking off his shoes and socks) to wade out and grab last fall’s penultimate remaining cattail.  It was wistful I guess and I felt like it said more about the now than anything else at the moment.

I was exasperated at myself that I didn’t have my camera.  I remembered my iphone though and took it out of my pack, turned it on and snapped the shot.

My friend and fellow photographer John Mata said this about the image:

“I keep coming back to look at this image.  I really like it.  Seeing the child there on the bank makes all the difference too.  It makes me look at the reflection of the sky thought the eyes of my inner child.  Where I would let my own imagination almost convince me to dive into the mirrored sky.”


I totally agree.



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